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Punch Equipment® USA – “Tested on Humans”® since 1989

Punch Equipment® USA – Boxing Gloves Online

Punch Equipment® USA aims to provide USA & Worldwide customers with Punch Equipment® boxing gloves!

Punch Equipment® was established in 1989 and has now become one of the top Boxing suppliers in the world.

Punch® Boxing Gloves have been designed and “Tested on Humans”® since 1989 by many well-known Boxing, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Athletes at Punch Equipment®.

The Trophy Getters® Boxing Gloves are our premier boxing glove as it’s legendary for its use as the best all-rounder boxing glove.

We also hold many other gloves designed for a variety of specific training purposes! Whether it’s sparring, bag training, pad work or fitness training, Punch Boxing Gloves have you covered!

We want to provide all types of fighters, coaches, fitness instructors & YOU with quality boxing gloves, mitts and more!
Our products are built to last!