Ultimate Guide – Boxing Foam Sticks Review

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Boxing Foam Sticks Review

If you’re wondering how to use boxing foam sticks for training your clients, then this post is for you!

Firstly, we’ll go through a product review of the boxing sticks and explain what they’re made of and why they’re a better option compared to a pool noodle.

Boxing Foam Sticks – Product Review

Quick notes about Boxing Foam Sticks:

– These are meant for replacing focus pads and sometimes Thai pads for certain techniques.
– Great for evasion and great for boxing elbows.
– Great for technically coaching your clients without any fatigue on yourself.
– They’re very rigid and hardy flex as opposed to a pool noodle.
a pool noodle is just too floppy and too light to box with.
– It has a heavy Evia covering, in other words, the same material as we’re using in our focus pads and boxing mitts and we’ve covered this over the tubing.
– There’s a nice soft end at the bottom so you can’t cause any damage.
– It has a lanyard on the front which comes over for a bit more security in case you lose hold of the actual coach stick.
– These are approximately 570 millimeters long and approximately you’re looking at about 60 millimeters wide in diameter.
– Virtually weightless I’d say around three or four hundred grams max.
so the idea of these is to replace focus pads or finish up here we’ll go down to the boxing ring.

What are Boxing Sticks for?

Boxing sticks are ideally designed for Boxing and Muay Thai training. They improve your clients’ overall skills, such as footwork, evasion, accuracy and more. We would recommend these sticks for any type of trainer, such as a Boxing instructor/trainer, Personal trainer and fitness coach.

Beginner Training with Boxing Sticks

If you’re training beginners, the coach sticks can help immensely. They’ll improve accuracy

Jasmine Parr – Training with Punch® Coach Sticks

How to use Foam Sticks for Boxing

Watch a quick 1 minute video of how to use foam sticks for training pro boxers.

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