Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves Review

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Training Boxing Gloves Review

Today’s review is on the famous Trophy Getters boxing glove. This glove is our iconic general-purpose boxing glove and now the flagship glove of the Punch® Boxing Gloves range.

Best Features

I’ll go through a number of features for you..

Generally, the head of this glove is a medium size so it’s not too narrow and not too wide. It’s got what they call a Mexican hand fit, which means when you slide your hand into this glove, your hand immediately loves it. Fully taped in the thumb and full injected mould covered with cowhide leather. The palm and the wrist are reinforced Punchtex.

Now from over 20 years of testing, where a glove tends to breakdown is in the palm
and the wrist where there’s a lot of sweat. So we reinforced it with Punchtex, that’s a special material developed by Punch® Equipment and we give that particular material a lifetime material warranty.


The glove is available in a very generous size range. It comes from an 8 ounce right through to an 18-ounce boxing glove. Also a huge range of colors: Pink’s, hot pinks, purples, red/black, green/black, black/white, you name it and you’ll see the range here at Punch® Boxing Gloves.

Why choose this glove?

So why would you use this glove?

A Trophy Getter is specifically a general-purpose glove and not many gloves are built for general-purpose. What that means is that this glove will be ideal for bag and pad work. So you use it as a bag glove because it’s got a special 3-tonne mould inside. This mould is injected moulded and designed for bag work but it’s also soft enough that it can be used for sparring. So this one glove can be your sparring glove and your bag glove.

Now for safety features. It’s got a three-inch full solid wrist wrap. The thumb on the head is hidden behind the head. You can tell a good glove, and this is where the money comes into a boxing glove, is where this thumb sits. The cheaper the glove, the poorer it’s made and the more the thumb will sit out and give you thumb damage.

Inside padding

Now just to finish off with this Trophy Getter glove. With the padding inside, you need to see how it’s different.
I’ve sliced a popular glove open just from Thailand and you’ll see with this type of glove the padding is the same. That’s how they do it, foam one centimeter of Eva rubber and then more foam to make a boxing glove. But that’s how Punch Equipment® makes a bag mitt. We use the same air protection in a bag buster.

However, we do not use that in boxing gloves. I don’t feel that’s enough protection for your hand especially. This is fine in Asian countries where people are a lot smaller. But in the USA, Europe and Australia, you’ll need more protection.

More protection for your safety

So in a Punch® glove, it’s all padding and no filler. So what that means is this glove is a full three-tonne mould. That is all protection and we’ve got full padded knuckle protection behind the foam. So a Thailand glove, you’ve got that much real rubber and that’s just bed foam.

Here is a full injected three-tonne mould, that’s the difference between a Trophy Getter and a normal Thailand glove.

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