Thai Boxing Gloves Review – Limited Edition Neon by Punch®

By January 24, 2018 April 15th, 2019 Product Reviews

Thai Boxing Gloves Review

Today we’re going to review the Neon Thai Boxing Gloves by Punch Equipment®.

Colourful range

These gloves come in three (now four) colors. So you can see the hot neon pink here, we’ve got the neon green and we’ve got the hot burnt neon orange. Now we’re also bringing out a neon blue (now available) in February 2017.

Limited Edition Glove

So this is a limited edition glove that we release every now and then. It’s a classic Thai boxing glove. So if you’re wondering what type of glove this is, it’s a shorter glove with a wider head glove. It’s designed primarily for pure Thai boxing. It can be used for boxing and I’ll show you some of the features of it.

Glove Features

It’s full cowhide leather, injected mould inside, full wrist wrap (like all our gloves), double stitching and the stitching matches the neon color. So it’s a very striking glove and if you want to be visually noticed in the gym, I definitely don’t think you go past this glove.

Traditional Glove

The beautiful thing about this glove is it’s a traditional glove. So it’s got no pillow palm in here, it’s got a padded outside wrist full wrap wrist on here, very protective glove, very big glove. It comes in a 12 or a 16 ounce and you can use it sparring or you can use it for bag and pad work. But pretty well the mainstay of Thailand design is this type of neon glove that’s coming out.

Why choose?

So they come in some great colors, twelve and sixteen ounces, full cowhide leather. I’d recommend this glove if you’re really looking to stand out in your gym.

But the actual desire of this glove is to be Authentic pro-style Thai boxing glove which is a shorter glove/wider head with lots of room inside the hand for hand wraps.

So if you’re looking for a traditional glove with a bit of flair, you can’t go past a Neon Thai boxing glove from Punch Equipment® USA.

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