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ALL Boxing Gloves Reviews | Punch Equipment® USA

ALL Boxing Gloves Reviews | Punch Equipment® USA

Product Reviews

Lace Up Boxing Gloves Review

Here's a review of our sponsorship lace up boxing gloves. These gloves are our Trophy Getters series which means they come in a Trophy Getter mould which is our by far most popular boxing gloves. Best Features So you've got Trophy Getters written down the thumb. You've got the true…
December 19, 2017
Product Reviews

Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves Review

Training Boxing Gloves Review Today's review is on the famous Trophy Getters boxing glove. This glove is our iconic general-purpose boxing glove and now the flagship glove of the Punch® Boxing Gloves range. Best Features I'll go through a number of features for you.. Generally, the head of this glove…
November 21, 2017