Armadillo™ Sparring Boxing Gloves Review

By April 2, 2018December 28th, 2020Product Reviews

Sparring Boxing Gloves Review

Today we’re reviewing the new version 17 Armadillo Boxing Gloves from Punch® Boxing Gloves.

Now this glove is quite a big change from the other versions we’ve had. The head is wider, allowing adults with large to extra large hands to fit into this much easier. Which was the one complaint we used to have, it was a great glove however it wasn’t really good for bigger hands. So this new version 17 is a broader fit Armadillo glove.

The reason we call it an Armadillo is quite interesting.

This has the most padding of any boxing gloves you can buy. We’ve got over six and a half centimeters of rubber over the front of the knuckle. The other thing is it’s classified as a safety glove. now what that means is a lot of the gloves I make are designed to actually land heavily and their balanced gloves. So they will get respect from the other person your sparring as they would definitely feel the punches. some of them have got quite small heads like the Special glove which will slip in between the guard.

The Armadillo is made as a safety glove and I’ll explain why.

Well designed thumb support

The big thing is the thumb position. The thumb is straight so if you’ve got a lot of knuckle damage, this glove is highly recommended. This glove fits your thumb lengthwise down the glove instead of putting it out at an angle. So if my thumb fits in the glove at a bad angle, I’m going to get struck and I’ll get instant pain. This is from talking to a lot of people that have the same problem. This glove sits the thumb along the fist and it’s very safely tucked into the head. Because it’s straight, what it allows is the position of the bones to be very comfortable and pain-free.

Full Wrist Wrap

So we’ve got a three-inch wrist wrap that fully encircles the wrist and closes in. The other features are: straight thumb, large head and maximum rubber over the knuckles. When you put this glove on, a message goes straight to your brain that this is a very protective glove.

Who should buy this glove?

So the people that would use this glove are people who are looking to protect their hands to prevent injury. For example, they just do boxing for recreation or they want to spar people but not knock them around too much. Now I like this glove for sparring. I can do heavy body rips and it doesn’t really worry the person I’m doing them too. As opposed to other gloves with a heavy body rip can damage cartilage and can drop people. so it’s quite a cushioned larger glove for safety sparring. it’s got a full leather head and the Punchtex reinforced palm. the reason we reinforced the palm with Punchtex is it’s sweat proof so the palm doesn’t rot out if you’re doing lots and lots of sparring.

12oz or 16oz – Black, Blue, Red

It comes in a 12 and a 16-ounce glove. Obviously, the 16 oz is the flagship glove for sparring. Or you can go to a 12oz if you’re a little bit smaller or you want to be a little bit faster in your boxing. It comes in three colors; the black, you’ve got a blue (a deep navy blue) and then you’ve also got a bright red. They all come with the white cap on the end. Some people have asked me why it has a white end on it. this is just simply so you can see you’re scoring with the right part of your glove and you’re not cuffing people with the outside of their hands. Or any trainer watching you can see the white tip is scoring the points all the time.

So the Armadillo’s version 17 glove is a great safety boxing glove. It’s what I’d recommend if protecting your hands is your number one priority, I’d choose this Armadillo any day of the week.