Punch Mexican Gloves 16oz Product Review

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In this Mexican Gloves review, we’re looking at a pair of Mexican Fuerte 16oz professional sparring gloves.

These gloves are quite unique and quite different from anything else in our range.

Red Mexican Gloves


First of all, they come in many colors. They come in a jet black, canary yellow, stark white and a ruby red. These are only 16 oz and purely for sparring.

Weight balance

The big difference in this glove, to other boxing gloves in our range, is how it’s perfectly balanced. This has a three-ton injected mould but a special shaping on it that extends the weight right through the glove, right down to the back here. So the actual head of the glove is quite low profile and that means these gloves are going to have a lot of sting. It also means they’re going to get respect from the opponent that you’re sparring. like our Armadillo glove would come out almost double out the front here.

Comfortable fitting Mexican Gloves

The next thing you notice with these gloves is the full wrap around wrists. The first thing that goes to your head is Wow! these are comfortable and silky inside. They really love your hands and they’re quite a broad glove. The thumb sits in real tight against the head and the head is broad. As I said the padding is balanced and that just lets you throw a punch very very easily. They punch fast and come back fast, there’s no tendency for the glove to come out and drop down. Your wrist is anchored in this and is a really structured child hook and loop straps. See how it fits in here and locks in behind this wrist bar. So once it’s on, it feels like it’s really on.

Black Mexican Gloves

Design Features

The palm is superb. The palm is not padded. It’s got a high hook and loop strap or should I say elastic strap in here, this elastic strap holds the glove together nicely and allows for a lot of ventilation. It also keeps very firm around the base of your thumb. There’s no padding in here as I said, purely so you can make a really tight fist. It’s got a fully sewn in thumb tab and the padding is now balanced between the head and the wrist. I’ll show on this one in here you can see the pillow padding is down the wrist rather than the part most of our gloves have co-locating in here. Which makes it very easy to fill your hand and make a fist. It tends to be more of a student style of where this glove padding is on the wrist only and nothing under the fist here, except a grip bar which allows you to make that rock hard fist.

So the Mexican Fuerte Glove comes in full cowhide leather comes with 16oz only. Four colors: black, white, red and yellow. This glove is designed for the connoisseur or people who just can tell the difference between a basic boxing glove and an excellent boxing glove.

Why choose?

Why is it excellent? Just to recap. It’s balanced which means this glove is very evenly weighted across from the back to the front. It has a satin plush lining so when it’s in your hand, it does feel excellent and it really loves your hand.

One note when you’re using professional gloves like this it’s essential that you run a second pair of bag mitts or another pair of these or a secondary pair of boxing gloves. Reason being these gloves, being pure leather, are susceptible to sweat damage more than normal gloves. Everything else in the Punch® range tends to run a Punchtex™ reinforced palm which makes them very sweat resistant.

These are designed for comfort, for effectiveness and accuracy of boxing so these gloves do require a little bit more care. The way you care for them is that when you put them on and they feel soaking wet, it’s time to rest them for a day and use your secondary pair. That’s normal professional care of products so don’t use one pair of gloves day in and day out soaking wet, that’s how you will destroy a beautiful pair of leather gloves.

So really low profile and a really hard heating glove. You will really get people’s attention when you spar with these. Super knuckle protection and we’ve cut molds out of gloves that have been used by pros for six months and the padding is not showing any sign of wear whatsoever.

So we highly recommend this glove if you’re doing hard sparring and you really want to get the respect of your opponents while having massive hand protection and a noticeable difference in how your punches go out and come back. So if you’re looking for a well-balanced glove, these are the gloves for you!

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White Mexican Gloves