Womens Boxing Gloves – Skull Art – Black

  • The BLING Boxing Range for Women
  • MerrilynArt© - Limited Edition for your Workout Wardrobe
  • Designed by a Woman for Women
  • Punch Pocket within wrist wrap to stash your key, ring or cash
  • Extra soft, luxurious hand fit & incredibly comfortable plush inner lining
  • Built with a premium injected mould padding & generous palm pillowing
  • True-to-weight 12oz boxing gloves
  • Solid hook & loop, wrist wrap closure with custom micro elastic adjustment to suit slender wrists
  • Designed with high-grade Enduro 35 synthetic casing
  • Matching Focus Pads & Wraps are available to complete your Workout Wardrobe
(30 customer reviews)

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Why Choose?

Boxing has never looked so good!!!

This fresh, exclusive artwork by MerrilynArt© will make these gloves the envy in your gym/club.

This exclusive NEW range for women was specifically shaped and designed to look great and feel even greater.

Pair them up with the matching Limited Edition MerrilynArt© Focus Pads and Hand Wraps to complete your look.

Designed by a Woman for Women

The luscious inner hand-fit and premium injected mould padding will give you all the comfort and protection you need during a workout.

They also come with stretchy, Hook & Loop wrist wraps for added wrist stability and protection.

These gloves are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off!

Stash your valuables!

These exclusive gloves are also equipped with the innovative Punch Pocket which gives you the ability to store your small accessories securely, right into your wrist strap.

30 reviews for Womens Boxing Gloves – Skull Art – Black

  1. Michelle Smith

    So comfy and soft, I absolutely love these gloves!

    Pros: So comfortable!

    Cons: Need more sizes!

  2. Kathy Hayes

    They look amazing but not suited to a hard hitter. Trophy getters are much better.

    Pros: Look great

    Cons: Not made for hard hitters.

    Best user for: Beginners boxing

  3. Tracey Watkins

    Love Them !!! They melt on your hands with a super soft lining. Soooo comfortable.

    Pros: Little pocket in the wrist for me to put my rings

    Cons: None so far

    Best user for: pads and bag work

  4. Anne-Marie

    Beautiful close fitting gloves, love the matte black finish. Great fitting glove for small hands and wrists, although I found gloves too tight when wearing true wraps but fine with my punch ‘glove wraps‘. My first gloves and I’m happy to have paid a little more for good fit (and look).

    Pros: Good for smaller hands and wrists Great design, with lovely matte finish

    Cons: Unable to wear true wraps, fine with ‘glove wraps’ - maybe fine for someone with very small hands.

    Best user for: Pad and bag work Beginner

  5. Jim O’DONNELL

    My wife tried a pair of these for kickboxing instead of her MMA competition gloves (which she absolutely loves) She stated that she loved the feel of the glove, it was snug and tight fitting and didn’t feel like it was adding pressure on the knuckles like some other brands do. The sexy look of Matt black and gold is definitely a fashion statement for the woman who likes to look good whilst training hard. The hidden pocket to stash your rings or cash in is a perfect idea. Merrilyn you’ve hit the mark right here!! The comfortable soft velvet feel, is a HIT!!

  6. Imogen

    Love these gloves – super comfy and supportive with a total badass design. I wear them with thin liner gloves as they were too tight with my other wraps.

    Pros: Snug fit, super comfy and light, love the graphics

    Cons: Need somewhere to write my name coz they're so popular!

    Best user for: Boxing class, sparring

  7. Skye

    Great gloves
    Love the design have to keep them safe all the girls at my gym love them

  8. kirsten

    Absolutely love my women’s gloves. so much more support around the wrists especially if you have weak and small wrists! highly recommend

  9. Arif Mehmood Cheema

    I bought these gloves for my friend overseas. She loves this product because of the artistic design (she herself is an artist) and she uses these regularly for her boxing workouts. The gloves fit perfectly on her hands. The matt finish to the surface of these gloves is a brilliant introduction.

    Best user for: These gloves are used for pad work and bag work, are comfortable and fit perfectly on her hands.

  10. gita chan

    such sexy gloves! they are pretty, good looking and most of all comfortable to wear! absolutely love them!

    Pros: awesome cool design, comfortable and pretty!

    Cons: a bit of discoloration when getting wet. I had to walk in the rain today and the rain droplet caused a bit of discoloration on the gloves when it was wet. Looks fine afterwards...

    Best user for: Cardio training and bags.

  11. Chantell Lovell

    I absolutely love my gloves! Apart from the awesome design. They are soft, we’ll padded and fit perfectly. 10/10 thankyou!

    Pros: Colour Price Padding Design Fit

    Cons: None!

    Best user for: Boxing.

  12. Lisa Morrow

    Absolutely gorgeous gloves. Really solid quality, every bit of them feels super well made and tough. Beautiful of course, but really high quality. You absolutely get what you pay for! Thanks Punch!

    Pros: Quality, thickness of the leather, broad wrist straps, tons of Velcro, really tight hand fit inside, gorgeous pattern, solid stitching.

    Cons: None! Except maybe I don't want to wear them out, they're too pretty!! :)

    Best user for: I use them for Muay Thai. Perfect.

  13. Amber

    They look absolutely gorgeous and fit really comfy
    And they feel good when I’m using them

    Pros: They aren't too heavy and the feel balanced

    Cons: None

    Best user for: When using a punching bag

  14. Caitlin Beale

    These gloves are a winner! They fit perfectly and look so good at the same time. I box in these 4 to 5 times a week and have had them for 6 months now and they are showing no signs of wear and tear. Definitely recommend!

    Pros: Fit, look, comfortable, wear well, soft but pack a punch! :-)

    Cons: None :-)

  15. Christina

    I got 1 pair of these as a gift and I couldn’t be happier with the quality!! Usually after a few months, the inside starts getting smaller and it really hurts me, but with these I m training almost every day and they still really comfortable!!!

    Pros: Long lasting quality. Good for womens small hands Good for hard punching

    Best user for: Pad work

  16. Carmen Berndt

    I just took up boxing again after 10 years to get fit, my last Punch gloves lasted 10 years and despite a bit of wear and tear were still up to the job but I wanted a bit of bling to keep me motivated. Bling aside, these gloves are amazing, so comfortable and protective from my knuckles to my wrist. Punch loves are the bomb, love them.

    Pros: Perfect weight, great padding, perfect size even when wearing long wraps.

    Cons: I don’t want to take them off

    Best user for: Boxing bag, sparring and focus pad work

  17. Luna V

    LOVE these gloves so much! The padding is the perfect amount of thickness, the quality is outstanding and the design is so badass. These are my first pair from your team and won’t be the last. They are perfect for my workouts. I highly recommend them, you can’t go wrong with this pair! Train with them almost every day and the quality is still in tact. Beyond thrilled!

    Pros: Good quality material Thick padding for protection Perfect sizing even with wraps on

    Cons: Im going to spend more money on more pairs $

    Best user for: MMA, workouts, boxing

  18. Lorna M

    Can’t recommend these enough! My husband wanted a pair now too!! He loves the feel of them also! Highly recommend.

    Pros: Lightweight. Fits to hand beautifully. So comfortable! Look amazing! Nice cushioning yet not over padded.

    Cons: NONE

    Best user for: Hitting focus mitts. Basic training.

  19. Jade garlick

    Amazing product! The quality, the fit, the design everything was very well thought out. They fit snug round my small wrists so that there is no damage to my wrist. There is enough padding in the top so that you can still feel the impact but are protected. Just a great pair of gloves I cant recommend enough.

  20. Anna

    I grabbed these for a girl in my care who’s interested in boxing. She loves them!

    Pros: These are so cute but most importantly they fit well and are comfortable.

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Boxing

  21. sales1

    Great to get a product that fits so well, and lasts through many boxing classes. Had for ages use a few times a week and still feel great to box in.

  22. Pip Bernauer

    I’m in love! These gloves are awesome. I’ve been using them on my heavy bag and sparing and they feel fantastic, giving more motivation to train harder and longer. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

    Pros: Excellent quality and fit, great wrist protection, perfect in weight too. Added bonus they also look smokin' and I'm the envy of all my boxing buddies!

    Cons: Zilch

  23. Travis

    Awesome customer service and quick delivery my daughter loves the gloves

    Pros: awesome fit daughter loves training with them

    Cons: nil

  24. Dotty B.

    I love the feel and the fit of the gloves. Not to mention the frekn awesome design

    Pros: Excellent fit for women and so light

    Cons: No cons at all. Although I would be interested to see what a 14oz would be like for a women's fit.

    Best user for: Best used for gym sessions.

  25. Christina

    Great product, looks and feels nice, great for all types of boxing classes and I highly recommend them.

    Pros: - great fit - great design - comfortable

    Cons: - none

    Best user for: I use these for boxing classes but they could be used for all types of training

  26. Jordan

    Love all the women’s range! These gloves feel super comfortable and slim fitting. Love the matte black with the gold especially.

  27. Jodie

    Absolutely love these boxing gloves such a great fit and great detail work.

    Best user for: Boxing

  28. Jamika

    Really light weight, and protect me when sparring. I like the feel and material also, and the design is so cool. Would recommend 🙂

    Best user for: Boxing

  29. Kiara

    Look and feel amazing

  30. Rebekah

    Absolutely love these! They make boxing look good! And are very functional.

    Pros: Look great work great!

    Cons: None so far.

    Best user for: Boxing with or without a partner

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Professional commercial grade authentic pre test models for heavy duty gymnasium/ commercial applications. 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, excludes normal wear and tear.

Attached thumbs

Gloves are designed with attached thumbs for extra safety.

Boxing Workouts

This product is ideal for boxing workouts and combinations.

Deluxe padded palms

Gloves are designed with deluxe padded palms.

Full Wrist Wrap

These gloves are designed with a full hook and loop closure for your protection.

True to Weight

Product is made to be at least the stated weight & true. International length of glove.

Tested on Humans®

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