Urban™ Grill Boxing Headgear

  • Designed for facial protection in boxing & martial arts sparring
  • Synthetic leather casing with removable, polycarbonate face cage
  • Adjustable lace top and hook & loop rear closure for an adjustable fit
  • Eardrum protectors
  • Urban Grade: 3-month commercial manufacturers warranty

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WHY CHOOSE THE Urban Grill Head Guard?

The Bronx Grill headgear is designed to minimize facial abrasions.

This headgear incorporates a removable cage shield to protect the user from light strikes to the face.

This product is highly recommended for students moving from non-head based contact sparring to full contact sparring.

If you’re a boxer, kickboxer or martial artist, this headgear is an effective option for your entry to sparring.

While abrasions and cuts risks will be greatly reduced, shock from strikes can still be experienced.

As always, remember to seek professional instruction & supervision prior to participating in contact sports.

While this headgear provides a level of protection, the manufacturer does not warrant the user from potential injury.

Urban Grill Headgear

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Product SizeHead Circumfrence ( CM )Head Length ( CM )Suit for
One Size Only20.9 - 22.822 - 25Teens / Adults