Urban Cobra Boxing Shoes / Boots

  • Lightweight construction
  • Microfibre mesh upper, one-piece injected moulded sole
  • Supportive & comfortable low friction sole prevents footwork disruption
  • Low cut design for easy on/off
  • Engineered for beginners to professionals
  • Generous instep cut allowing for a broader, comfortable fit
  • High ankle brace, lace & non-binding sole assists in the prevention of knee & ankle injuries
  • Men's US sizing

$79.99 USD

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Why choose the Urban Cobra Boxing Boots?

The Urban Cobra Boxing Boots offer superb stability, support & comfort.

Designed with excellent sole stability & functionality in mind, these boxing boots will keep you supported in every aspect of training & competition.

With their superb rubber sole, low top design & light mesh construction, the Urban Cobra Boxing Boots are engineered to support your every move.

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, the Urban Cobra Boxing Boots will provide the essential support you need in and & out of the ring.

Please Note:

When using Boxing Boots, ensure you only use them inside a soft flooring training area or boxing ring.

These boots are designed for boxing training only and should be not be used outdoors or for any other activity.