Trophy Getters® Boxing Speed Ball

  • AAA Graded Product
  • Punchtex Synthetic Casing
  • Heavy Duty Zipper with casing closure
  • Extended Manufacturers Warranty on Casing
  • No Sharp Materials
  • Internal bladder Included ( Replaceable )
(4 customer reviews)

$69.99 USD

Why choose the Trophy Getters® Speed Ball?

The Trophy Getters® Speed Ball is a Commercial Grade Quality Speed Ball mainly for boxing fitness and cardio workouts.

A Speed Ball is designed to improve many boxing skills including hand-eye coordination, timing, hand speed & much more.

This 10″ Speed Ball is designed with Punchtex material and will last years of training.

This Speed Ball is fantastic for boxing gyms, training studios & heavily used training environments.

All Speed Balls come with an in-built bladder

Best Features:

  • AAA Graded Product
  • Punchtex Synthetic Casing
  • Extended Manufacturers Warranty on Casing
  • No Sharp Materials or Zippers
  • Replaceable Bladder Included

Installation Instructions:

Ensure to lubricate your pump needles prior to inflation.

Do not over-inflate, ensure the ball feels firm and not solid as a rock.

Changes in temperature and regular usage will require the bladder to be regularly topped up.

Perishable, High Wear & Tear Product: Bladders are not covered under warranty.

4 reviews for Trophy Getters® Boxing Speed Ball

  1. Teja Jaensch

    Awesome speed balls! They’re getting a hammering by our students and holding up really well!

  2. Jason Lee

    Great affordable choice for a speedball, made very well & is used a lot at the gym?

  3. Jackson woods

    Great choice, not too hard on the hands and lasts a lot longer than most speed balls ??

  4. Adam Milburn

    Good size for beginners. Easy to inflate, with the valve at the bottom. Nice access to the bladder via the Velcro closure.

Cardio workouts

Ideal for cardio and muscle workouts.

Punching Bag Training

This product is ideal for punching bag training.

Punchtex™ material

The perfect material selected for commercial mass applications. Premium Punch material pre-tested to out-look, out-wear and out-perform conventional leather by up to 10x. Awarded a Ltd Lifetime Warranty after a decade of being “Tested on Humans”. PUNCHTEX is a registered trademark used under licence. Warranty applies only to parts made from Punchtex. Limited Lifetime Warranty against the splitting for the normal life of the product. Puncture and slash damage excluded.

Tested on Humans®

Pre-test slogan of Punch® Equipment, since 1989. Registered trade mark slogan used under licence.

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