Thumpas® Commercial Grade Curved Focus Pads V30

  • Proven in 1000's of fitness clubs, fight gyms & PT studios
  • Double Stitched and hand laced
  • Curved target face to improve catching against unforgiving punches
  • Easy on/off hand fit with added pullback strap for additional anti-slip pad security
  • Special palm grip control mound ball for a comfortable fit & secure pad grip
(23 customer reviews)

$79.99 USD

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The Thumpas ® Curved Focus Pads is Punch Equipment’s best-selling, most tested, and proven model focus pad in over 1000’s of fitness clubs, fight gyms & PT studios across Australia.
The pads casing is made from the super durable Punchtex™ material which is built to stand years & years of intense training.
This pads hand-fit is designed for your hand to slip comfortably in-out allowing quick changes overs while enabling the user to lock in their hands once gripped into the inner palm control ball.
The new V30 model has added a superb wrist security strap to ensure your hands won’t slip out!
These features are very important for trainers and clients during mass boxing classes which require fast focus pad exchanges.
The above features also reassure that this pad is built for commercial training environments.
This extremely durable focus pad has been in the Punch® Equipment range for over 20 years!
We recommend this product to anyone who takes their fitness boxing classes seriously and is looking for the most value in their boxing training kits!

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23 reviews for Thumpas® Commercial Grade Curved Focus Pads V30

  1. Vincent Perry

    I love my Punch® Thumpas®. Great to hold, comfortable fitting, light and durable and like me – a pair of these are going to be around a long time.

  2. Ashlee

    My partner and I use these pads 3-4 times a week, couldn’t be happier with the padding and grip.
    We both train muay thai so we need to rely on great support and this pad does that.

  3. Ashley Sparkes

    I have used Thumpas for a variety of group fitness classes & personals and they have stood the test of time.
    I haven’t needed to buy any other pads since purchasing them 3 years ago!
    Light weight, great padding and easy to take off and put on.

  4. Harry Newman

    Used these during my punchfit course and bought a few sets for 50% off, happy days

  5. Darren Freiberg

    Thumpas are great for the the PT who is running Classes. Great Value for money, great fit, great protection and long lasting. Always top quality. Recommend these to anyone!!

  6. Will Nolan

    working as a PT/Pad Holder I need too be able to put on and take off pads all day and these feel tight when on yet still easy to rip off.

  7. Charlie Hart

    Love these PADS !!!
    They get used 5 days per week.
    After 2 years, they still look brand new.
    Easy On & Easy Off – Firm Fit – Simple 🙂

  8. Rebecca Simmons

    Cant wait rto receive mine!!!

  9. Mark Warren

    Comfortable fit, easy to grasp, definitely a good fit for beginners and most importantly good price!

  10. Paul Barrett

    Dear punch equipment, it is with great disappointment that I say good bye to my favourite focus pads – I’d like to highlight how disappointed I am in the quality- when I purchased them 22 years ago I thought they’d be the only set I ever needed!! I was wrong… sadly today they are no longer usable. Now #punchboxingequipment before you say ‘ but did u treat them right?’ The answer is ‘yes, I used them every day jurying my amateur boxing career and when I opened my own boxing gym they definitely received good use and care’. I’ve estimated that I’ve gotten a mere 57,200 hours use out of them! I ask you #punch boxing do you call that value for money????

  11. Emma Harper

    These are my favoirite focus pads, highly recommend and super comfortable. Gold star!!!

  12. dwpowell

    Really enjoying the Thumpa focus pads in boxing class. Only used them a few times so hopefully the will mould a little more to my hands. Great product.

  13. Rian Rees

    For me personally i love to utilise the thumpas for speed combos, reaction drills and light boxing pad rounds.

    Thy are light with excellent support and highly recommended for fitness classes and the above pad holding.

  14. Cameron North

    Fantastic focus pad if you’re a trainer at a boxing club and want something that’s both affordable and reliable.

    Pros: They hold up against other competitors a lot better and provide better protection for heavy use.

  15. Jim O’DONNELL

    These are a fantastic all round design, light weight, comfortable, reliable and affordable. One size fits all.

  16. Denis Giakoumelos

    Great commercial grade pad, ideal for boxing group classes

  17. James Richards

    What an awesome pad these are. We have these for our general gym use. Hard wearing and comfortable, no better around. Can handle punches, elbows and kicks.

    Pros: For all occasions - from pro to general class applications.

    Best user for: General classes.

  18. Nick Atkins

    Love the punchtex material, doesnt smell like general, sweaty leather.
    Lasts for years and great padding for protection.

    Pros: Padding Quality material

    Cons: none

    Best user for: Pad work

  19. JC

    Quality gear at great prices, holding up well for than three years so far.

    Pros: Fit well, easy to get on and off, quality item.

    Cons: Nil noted

    Best user for: Pad work

  20. Joel Hannah

    I have owned my pair of AAA thumpas pads for nearly 10 years…and despite the extreme wear they have gone through – they are still as good as new!

    They are extremely comfortable to hold, the curved design provides an excellent target and again – the quality is superb. At this rate I don’t see why I would ever need to replace them.

    Thanks guys!

    Pros: Great quality Extremely durable Comfortable Great target Fit for all purpose training

    Cons: Only available in 1 colour option. Would love to see these available in red/blue/yellow/green or white

    Best user for: Boxing training

  21. sales1

    Have just bought my second pair of these pads. Great fit last forever, my last ones still going strong, just slowly adding better gear to me classes.
    Highly recommend.

  22. Mark Smith

    Excellent all round boxing pad. Have a couple of pairs in my kit and have been using them for a number of years now. Just brought a pair as a Xmas gift for my personal trainer – he loves them as the larger size makes them forgiving when training beginners but still light enough for use with more advanced boxers. Highly recommend.

    Pros: Very durable, comfortable and great quality value. Excellent value.

    Cons: None

    Best user for: All round pad work with both beginner and more advanced trainers.

  23. Treena

    I made an order
    Which was prompt, but what I ordered was completely different to what i received !
    I understand stock goes out or new lines come in but one needs to be informed and one needs to put it on there website so the right choice can be made , especially when you live out bush and can’t get to the store, was greatly Disapponinted by this, the mitts I got where very similar if not the same as the ones $40 less straps THATS what I wanted , needed !
    Now.i need to.decide what to do with I don’t have no way to reorder !!
    Returning them isn’t an option , double.postage
    I did get an emotional with options but none suit!!
    I think if you don’t have the stock get it off your website
    Sad because I’ve order brilliant mitts off you guys before this is just a step down

    Pros: None

    Cons: No straps to secure mitt to wrist

    Best user for: The mitts I got are best used for Kids

AAA Punch® Equipment

Professional commercial grade authentic pre test models for heavy duty gymnasium/ commercial applications. 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, excludes normal wear and tear.

Best Seller

This product is much loved by our customers!

Easy on/off

Easily slip on and off during training sessions.

Precision focus pad

Catch punches from your clients.

Punchtex™ material

The perfect material selected for commercial mass applications. Premium Punch material pre-tested to out-look, out-wear and out-perform conventional leather by up to 10x. Awarded a Ltd Lifetime Warranty after a decade of being “Tested on Humans”. PUNCHTEX is a registered trademark used under licence. Warranty applies only to parts made from Punchtex. Limited Lifetime Warranty against the splitting for the normal life of the product. Puncture and slash damage excluded.

Tested on Humans®

Pre-test slogan of Punch® Equipment, since 1989. Registered trade mark slogan used under licence.

Thumpas Focus Pads Size Chart

This sizing chart is an approximate guide only, individual needs may vary
SizeSuitable ForBuilt for
MediumTeens/AdultsSmaller Adult Hand Fit
LargeTeens/AdultsAverage Adult Hand Fit
Pro ThumpasTeens/AdultsAverage Adult Hand Fit