Tested on Humans® Muay Thai Training Shorts

  • Engineered for Muay Thai training
  • Quick-drying and weightless construction
  • Built with high-quality satin
  • Comfortable waistband fit with an easy-adjust drawstring
  • Breathable stretch mesh leg slits to assist with flexibility
  • Wide leg openings prevent leg catching and movement restriction
  • Modern muay Thai cut
  • Embroidered and handmade by master craftsmen

$49.99 USD

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Why choose The Tested On Humans® Muay Thai Shorts?

Designed for Muay Thai & Kickboxing, The Tested On Humans® Thai Shorts from Punch Equipment are here to give you a serious edge in-and-out of the ring!

These stylish, expertly handmade Thai shorts are made from high-quality satin for an incredibly comfortable fit.

They are built with a stretchy, easy-to-adjust 4-inch thick waistband to fit more Thai boxers.

The Tested On Humans® range of Thai Shorts are also produced in 4 awesome colours!

Built to last!

With wide openings for each leg, movement is completely unrestricted,

The added feature of breathable mesh side slips ensures quick drying and improved durability.

If you’re looking for Thai shorts that don’t just look the part but FEEL the part, the Tested On Humans® Thai Shorts are for you!

Contender & Tested On Humans Thai Shorts

This sizing chart is an approximate guide only, individual needs may vary
Product SizeSuited ForApprox Waist Size (CM)Approx Waist Size (Inches)
SYouth/Teens66 - 7626 - 30
MTeens/Adults76 - 9130 - 36
LAdults86 - 10134 - 40
XLAdults91 - 10636 -42