Sauna Sweat Suit

$79.99 USD

  • Extra thick garment
  • Adjustable hook & loop wrist closure
  • Stretchy neck and ankle closure
  • Lace waist closure
  • Heavy duty
  • Use as a water weight loss aid
  • Under 154lbs
  • Up to approx. 198lbs

Why choose the Punch Sauna Suit?

The Punch® Sauna Suit is designed with an extra thick material to assist competitors/fighters you lose water weight for upcoming competitions/fights.
This Sauna Suit is designed for users under 70kgs one size only however as the garment is stretchable, this suit will fit the majority of adults.

Benefits of wearing a sauna suit while exercising

A Sauna Suit is ideal for exercising as it helps with weight loss, such as cutting weight for an upcoming boxing fight. While wearing the suit, your body temperature will elevate which causes a lot of sweat from the extra heat. The excessive amount of sweat then causes quick weight loss as your body is losing water.
So we would recommend drinking a lot of water as this can cause dehydration or a heat stroke.
Ensure you are supervised and utilise caution when trying to cut water weight for any sort of competition.

In summary:

  • Use as a Water Weight loss aid.
  • Helps cut water weight quickly
  • Not for use in a Sauna.
  • Not for us in extremely hot conditions.


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