Punch® Reflex Ball

  • Comfortable Stretch Head Strap
  • Easy to adjust String
  • Improves your boxing skills!
  • Requires minimal space
  • Fits in your pocket or gym bag easily
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Why choose Punch Reflex Ball?

Have a blast with the Punch® Reflex Ball!
This boxing tool will bring another fantastic & addictive elements to your boxing training!
Whether you’re using the Reflex ball at the gym, at home, in a small space or looking for a fun way to train.
The Punch Reflex Ball is perfect for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Eye protection is recommended when using this product.

What is a Reflex Ball for?

The Reflex Ball is designed to improve your hand-eye coordination, hand rhythm, accuracy & more.
This product is suited for most ages!
If you’re a beginner we recommend using this ball with a set of Bag Mitts!

How do I Setup & Use the Punch Reflex Ball?

Step 1. Place the Reflex Strap on your head.
Step 2. Undo the knots on the Reflex Ball end. ( Be cautious not to let the string fall off the ball! )
Step 3. Adjust the Reflex Ball and String length to the height of your Belly Button.
Step 4. Tie up the Reflex Ball with a knot or two and have a test run!
Step 5. If the string feels too long / short , adjust the string length until hitting the ball feels comfortable!
Step 6. Cut off excess cord ONLY when you are satisfied with string length.

Best Features

  • Comfortable Stretch Head Strap
  • Easy to adjust String
  • Improves your boxing skills!
  • Requires minimal space.
  • Fits in your pocket or gym bag easily!

11 reviews for Punch® Reflex Ball

  1. upfrontmic

    Great fun training aid, good for skills development or just a great laugh. Excellent stocking filler for Xmas

  2. jimmyfullback

    Awesome fun, great for hand eye coordination and is helping me get my edge back for footy season ????

  3. Brett M

    Great for building timing and coordination. Can be used anywhere from the gym to at home in your slippers.

  4. Jim O’DONNELL

    Loads of fun, fun to use and also to watch others use. Perfect for the hand eye co-ordination, timing etc.

  5. Ben

    Firstly it is heaps of fun to use. Secondly great for hand eye co ordination. Also a good laugh to watch friends and family members try and use.

    Best user for: Hand eye co ordination

  6. Alex Ly

    Good fun and great training, it helps with timing, speed, hand/eye coordination, etc. Just pop the headband on and adjust the length before tying up into knot or cut then tie up.

    Pros: A cheap but valuable way of training drills and can be used anywhere.

    Cons: Getting hit in the face with a ball...but then again if you cannot handle that.....

    Best user for: Training drills

  7. Ethian Lemus

    Great product, it’s really helpful when it comes to improve reflex and agility.

    Pros: Nothing

    Cons: Fun to use and great way to improve reflexes.

    Best user for: Boxers

  8. Corben Downes

    Enjoy using this a lot for training, love it

    Pros: Hand eye coordination, agility

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Boxers, training


    Super fun and challenging.

    Pros: Reflexes and hand eye coordination.

    Cons: Zip.

    Best user for: Warm up before training.

  10. d.lavender

    Excellent for timing, and corodination. Its fun to see my hit count go up

  11. David Henthorn

    Great product guys,I’m a 61 year old that users it for my brain health and hand eye coordination.Keeps me ticking over, l still go to the gym but my joints don’t take to bag work any more,at home l can just use it any time.All the best Dave. KEEP PUNCHING.👍👊

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Boxing Workouts

This product is ideal for boxing workouts and combinations.

Cardio workouts

Ideal for cardio and muscle workouts.

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Reflex Ball Size Chart

This sizing chart is an approximate guide only, individual needs may vary
SizeSuitable For
One Size Onlyapprox. 5 years and up