Punch Pro Gel™ Boxing Mouth Guard

  • Pro Gel-Fit for a more secure, custom & comfortable teeth grip
  • One size - Universal sized guard to fit most adults
  • Designed for use in sports training, sparring & ring fighting
  • Attractive black/clear gel colour scheme
  • Storage case included
  • Boil & self fit design – No dentist required!

$19.99 USD

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Why choose the PRO punch gel™ Mouth Guard?

State of the art heat, do it yourself self-fit Gel Mouth Guard.
The Punch Pro Gel™ Mouth Guard delivers essential mouth/gum protection & comfort with its malleable gel construction,
This mouth guard is built to provide a vacuum style fit around your teeth to lower the risk of upper & lower mouth injuries.
Keeping your jaw closed & teeth clenched can also reduce the risk of jaw injuries.
Gel mouth guards dissipate the shock of impact to the teeth over a greater area reducing the likely hood of individual tooth damage.
This mouthguard comes with easy to read instructions and a protective case.
Simply boil, mould to your preference and start training!