Punch Boxing Bag Duck/Slip Bar

  • The perfect accessory for offensive & defense drills
  • Improve your accuracy, co-ordination, blocking, head/body movement & more!
  • Padded bar for minimizing the risk of injury
  • Commercial PVC core for longevity
  • Forces the user to focus on both offense & defense
  • Dual, upper & lower, padded, fully adjustable pull back straps
  • Fits on almost all boxing bags
  • Padded curved plastic base for bar stability & minimal movement

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Why Choose The Punch Boxing Bag Duck / Slip Bar?

The Punch Boxing Bag Duck / Slip Bar is the ultimate addition to your boxing bag training,
This fantastic accessory ensures you don’t lose focus of your movement & guarding during bag work.

The purpose of this bar is to provide the role of training partners are or leg, ensuring you keep your guard & wits about you at all times.

Their solid PVC core ensures the weight of the bar is incredibly light while ensuring to hold its structural integrity,
The core is covered by injected mould padding to minimise the risk of injury to the user.

With fully padded, dual upper & lower pullback straps, this bar can be strapped to almost all boxing bags & keep the straps protected from strikes!

For an additional challenge, you can utilize 2 or more slip bars to raise the intensity of every workout!

If you’re looking for a training partner who was created to improve your fundamentals & isn’t afraid to hit back,
The Punch Boxing Bag Duck / Slip Bar is the boxing bag accessory for you!