Precision Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Shin Guards / Pads

  • Engineered for the elite!
  • Purpose-built for Kickboxing, Muay Thai & MMA sparring
  • Dual, pull back hook & loop straps
  • Authentic Thailand shin guard design
  • Super durable Punchtex™ synthetic leather casing
  • Plush Punchcool™ sweat-resistant inner linings
  • Extra tough Armadillo™ injected padding around the shin, sides and foot for added protection
(23 customer reviews)

$129.99 USD

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Why Choose?

The Black Diamond™ Shin Pads are the elite sets of Shin Guards for your training and sparring!
Specifically designed for Muay Thai / Kickboxing / MMA & Combat Sports use.
With an extremely comfortable fit, Dual Pull Back Straps & Superior Armadillo Padding, these Shin Guards are built for durability and protection.
The guards are incredibly lightweight, made with cool, Anti-Slip, plush linings to ensure techniques won’t be affected during training.
Available in sizes of small, medium, large, extra-large.

Best Features

  • AAA Rated Product
  • Authentic Thailand Shin Pad Design
  • Super Durable Punchtex Casing with plush lining
  • Extra Tough Armadillo injected padding around the shin, sides and foot for added protection
  • SIZE: S, M, L, XL.
Black Diamond Shin Pads Inside Strap
Black Diamond Shin Pads Top

Authentic Thailand design

Take your training to another level with the Black Diamond Precision Shin Guards by Punch Equipment. Authentic Thailand design and “Tested on Humans”® since 1989.

23 reviews for Precision Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Shin Guards / Pads

  1. Taraneh

    Brilliant quality shin pads; by far the beat I’ve ever used in terms of protection, durability and weight. These pads have lasted me years of intense daily use and haven’t even been remotely damaged. Other shin pads I have used have caused shin and lower leg injuries due to lack of protection, but the padding in these have taken heavy impact after impact without any proper injuries inflicted on me at all. 100% recommend to anyone looking for high quality protection and durability in their shin pads for sparring and Muay Thai.

  2. Benji Wright ( Double Dose Muay Thai )

    What can I say about the Black Diamond Shinnies! They are the best on the market, light weight, durable and built for protection.

    They are amazing so light in weight and built in away that you take no damage to the shins or foot while going that little bit harder in sparring.
    I have recommended them through out the gym now all my students are using them.

    I highly recommend these shin guards to everyone. After using so many different brands and styles over the years these are 100% the only shinnies I will use from now on and the only ones I will recommend to anyone if they ask.

    Thanks to the team at Punch for always bringing out quality products.

  3. Matthew Lyons

    Had these for almost a year now love them so light and they still look brand new

  4. Matthew Lyons

    My 2nd post and have just ordered my 2nd pair of black Diamond shin geaurds as my boy has grown out of his other ones they still in brand new condition after getting a massive work load over the past year thanks Punch for your durable fight gear

  5. Brett Jacobsen

    Best shins I’ve used

  6. Courtney Rainbow

    These shin pads are super comfy and provide awesome protection!

  7. Indigo boyd

    Light with great protection. Recommend for beginners and professionals.

    Pros: Light, with great padding

    Best user for: Sparring and drills

  8. Mel Kronert

    These guards are amazing! They are so comfortable to wear and provide great protection for sparring and training in general. Cannot recommend highly enough!!

    Pros: -Comfortable to wear -Provide solid protection during heavy sparring and also great to wear for light training

    Cons: -Nothing to report

    Best user for: Ideal for heavy sparring but I have also found them to be excellent for light training and bag work

  9. Jordan

    These shin guards provide a great amount of comfort, super durable, very good for sparring and one on one training. The diamond shape are an awesome idea for all the way from beginners to experienced.

    Cons: N/A

    Best user for: Sparring

  10. Jim O’DONNELL

    Love Love Love these shin pads, light weight, plenty of protection for those big kicks, extremely comfortable totally AWESOME!!!!

  11. Dean Johnston

    Strong and durable , easy to fit and will with stand the hardest of punishment.

    Pros: Strong and durable , easy to fit and will with stand the hardest of punishment.

    Cons: not at all

    Best user for: Krav Maga , sparring of any discipline

  12. James Ross

    Super strong
    Light enough
    Very comfortable

    Definitely recommend

    Best user for: Mui thai MMA Karate

  13. Alex Ly

    I am 175cm and 85kg, I use the Large size and it fits well.
    Been using these for almost 2 years on a weekly basis, no issues with the straps or stitching.
    Padding still feels great after all this time.

    Pros: Strong protection, looks good, comfortable fit, positioning of shin guards do not slide/shift around as much as others, great for kickboxing/Muay Thai

    Cons: Too bulky for MMA lol will need MMA specific guards

    Best user for: Muay Thai/kickboxing drills and sparring Any stand-up game

  14. Steve Issi

    Great quality for a reasonable price ! Definitely recommend this product

    Pros: Strong protection and is a comfortable fit

    Best user for: Muay Thai

  15. Keith

    I bought a set of these a year ago for Muay Thai training and sparring. They’re super high quality, and have held up exceptionally well, with no signs of wear and tear yet. Comfortable, and definitely do the job of protecting the shins, I don’t feel a thing. Also look awesome paired with the matching Black Diamond gloves.

    I also bought a pair for my teenage son, and same thing, he loves them, and they are solid as a rock, top quality.

    I’ve bought a heap of Punch Equipment gear, and keep on going back. Top quality, and great prices for what you get. I don’t even bother looking anywhere else now if I need any new equipment, I just have a poke around their online store, or drop into the warehouse.


    Outstanding quality and very light. Just FYI, I’m not tall (172cm) and ordered the medium size which fits well, however, just a tad too small for me as I like the pads to cover a little bit of the knee. The large would probably be too big though…

  17. Florian

    Perfect shin protection with these shin guards. Fitting perfectly and comfortable to wear. Best I had so far

    Best user for: Muay Thau

  18. ujjvalasanmugam

    Good quality, lightweight guards. Good for sparring of any level. Adjustable straps make them feel effortless when moving around. Recommend.

  19. Ben Hill

    Fantastic shin guards. Lightweight, great impact resistance and easy to move in. Highly recommended.

    Pros: Lightweight Excellent protection Excellent Quality Value for money (my last pair lasted me years)

    Best user for: Professional and amateur training

  20. joelrushbrook0

    I like these shin guards there light weight and easy to move in I’m very happy with these gards

  21. James

    Having lost my previous entry level shinguards that I had used for 2+ years, having an obligatory upgrade meant I could try these shinguards. I was a pleasant suprise with the fit and protection that they provide with how lightweight they are. Much greater protection without extra bulkyness/weight when compared to my previous guards. Very happy.

    Pros: Comfortable Fit, Very protective, LIghtweight , Affordable when compared amongst the competitions higher end products.

    Cons: Cost is higher than other entry point shin guards.

    Best user for: Muay Thai Sparing, Krav Maga Sparing

  22. Ash Sparkes

    Great, lightweight shin guards for Thai sparring

    Pros: Lightweight Plenty of shin and foot padding Secure Breathable

    Cons: Might be too large for MMA sparring

    Best user for: Muay Thai Sparring

  23. Geovana Peres

    Amazing shin guard.
    Comfortable and offer a huge protection. I love mine.

    Pros: Comfortable Great protection Great quality

    Best user for: Sparring Drills

AAA Punch® Equipment

Professional commercial grade authentic pre test models for heavy duty gymnasium/ commercial applications. 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, excludes normal wear and tear.

Black Diamond Muay Thai specific series

CoolPunch® Airflow technology

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Punchtex™ material

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Tested on Humans®

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Precision Black Diamond™ Shin Pads

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