Pocket Rocket™ Focus Pads

  • Designed for quick, accurate boxing combinations
  • Lightweight focus pad for easy maneuverability
  • Small, precision target requiring serious accuracy!
  • Precision, scallop-shaped focus pads
  • Full Hook and Loop security straps & full leather casing
  • Engineered for boxing trainers & coaches
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Boxing Pads Online

The Pocket Rocket Focus Pads are ideal for club trainers that are training beginners. It’s designed with a smaller pad size, which allows you to train a clients evasion/footwork skills. Such as ducking, weaving and precision punching.

Best Features

  • Full leather casing
  • AAA Rated
  • Lightweight
  • Small precision target for accurate punchers
  • Precision focus pads
  • Full Hook and Loop security strap

5 reviews for Pocket Rocket™ Focus Pads

  1. Darren Freiberg

    I love these Pads. They are Great for Precision Handwork. Small, light, good fit with Great Protection. I would recommend these to only with the more experienced Boxers, not for use with beginners. Great Value Great Pads.

  2. Samantha

    My favourite pads when I’m coaching! Great to work speed and angles, nice and lightweight and also so handy and compact to take with me when I’m prepping boys for fights. Great quality and very long lasting

  3. Corban Kanaveilomani

    Previously used winning, title pads but since using these have not touched another set of pads.

  4. Jordan

    These feel really good on your hands. Great for speed drills. Lots of padding even though it’s a small pad!

  5. Sam Culgan

    A quality set of pads for training advanced boxers.

    Pros: Light weight Excellent cushioning Small and fast Wrist strap Excellent construction Excellent materials

    Cons: Fingertips are exposed and can be accidentally struck by the boxer

    Best user for: Padwork for advanced boxers

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