Punchfit® 50 Pad Work Boxing Combinations Book

  • Bestseller – Over 10,000 copies sold!
  • Over 100 pages!
  • Includes 50, authentic ring-proven, pad work combinations
  • Illustrated with step-by-step images in full colour
  • Fantastic pad work skill & safety tips throughout
  • Written and demonstrated by Master Khru & Punch Equipment® CEO, Bruce Townhill
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Why choose?

The PunchFit® 50 Pad Work Boxing Combinations book is designed to help you learn the basics of Boxing and Pad Holding.

It’s a year syllabus for Boxing pad work for Personal Trainers along with lots of technical and practical safety information for each combination.

The book covers equipment and its uses, plus definitions of common techniques.

  • 104 pages – Including front and back covers
  • Gloss full colour printed
  • 50 Authentic ring proven padwork combinations
  • Illustrated by step by step images in full colour
  • Fantastic padwork skill and safety tips throughout the book
  • Written and demonstrated by Master Khru and PUNCH® CEO, Bruce Townhill

6 reviews for Punchfit® 50 Pad Work Boxing Combinations Book

  1. Alison

    This manual provides well described, easy to follow and fun to do combinations. I would recommend it to anyone providing either ‘one on one’ or group punchfit training.

    Pros: Easy to use

    Best user for: Creating interesting training sessions

  2. Tash

    Absolutely informative book. Really great for explanation if client struggles. So glad I bought this!

    Pros: Top Value definately worth the investment for trainers or just yourself!

    Best user for: Training, reference, guidance

  3. Jim O’DONNELL

    Great book for anyone starting off and looking for some extra combinations to mix things up a bit. Good clear instructions

  4. Jason Cassidy

    This is a great book, excellent description technique for each punch and tips for pad holder.

    Pros: Clear photos and descriptions of punches and footwork. I was taught pad work with a friend who boxed for many years and they way he taught me are the same as this book.

    Cons: Like the book says it is best to have done some boxing and pad work with a professional first before undertaking the pad work in this book, not really a con in my eyes

    Best user for: Home, gym

  5. Stephanie Bird

    Very good book, I’m glad I opted to add it to my order. Instructions are very clearly illustrated and I love that you have included sagett tips and also technical tips. I can’t wait to learn some new combinations with my Mum. Thank you so much guys.

  6. Carly Carter

    Awesome book. Exactly what I expected