Mexican Fuerte™ Ultra Air Focus Mitts

  • Built for speed & power boxing!
  • Impossibly lightweight pad ( Approx. 250grams )
  • World-class, shock absorption, lowering the risk of joint pain & fatigue for both striker & holder
  • Air pocket technology provides incredible protection with no loss of feedback for the boxer
  • Engineered to provide unparalleled comfort to the pad holder
  • Designed with premium cowhide leather outer casing
  • Double-stitched & open finger slots for ventilation
  • Easy-grip, generously sized palm control ball for greater pad control

$199.99 USD

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Why Choose The Mexican Fuerte Ultra Air Boxing Focus Mitts?

World-class hand & joint protection in an impossibly lightweight package!

Regardless of your preference, these fantastic boxing pads are designed for both speed & power shot lovers.

Each pad weighs approx. 250grams, making them incredibly easy to hold for round upon round, upon round!

The Ultra pads open hand compartment makes them easy to grip onto with their medium-sized palm pillow pad & effortless to take off with their strapless design.

Its premium genuine cowhide leather construction makes it one of the comfortably & silkiest pads you’ve ever tried on.

It’s all in the air!

With their plush, super soft, outer ringed foam & air pocket technology, this pad can absorb serious strikes & the longest combos with absolute pleasure.

Their pillow-like feedback is a feature unlike any other, whether you’re prone to injury or just need a pad that takes the grunt out of everything thrown at it, the padding system in these air pads is simply beyond belief.

If you are looking for world-class protection to the boxer & pad holder, in one of the lightest pads ever produced, you cannot blink twice at the Fuerte Ultra Air Focus Pads.