Mexican Fuerte™ Round Boxing Shield

  • Designed for fast round shield control
  • Smaller sized target face for precision strikers
  • Built with a soft & HARD side for the best of both worlds!
  • Made from premium, cow-hide leather
  • Super lightweight, can easily be utilised with one arm
  • Dual thick leather handles

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Why choose the Mexican Fuerte™ Round Shield?

Professional trainers & coaches deserve a boxing shield that’s inbuilt with high-level protection, handling, control & shock absorption.
The Mexican Fuerte Round Shield is designed for those exact purposes.
A stunning round shield built for both speed & power, giving trainers the freedom to quickly flip between a soft & hard side of the pad giving a variety to impact from the puncher.
This shields light-weight ability is achieved through superior latex & high-tech matrix padding, delivering a highly absorbant pad which takes the strain of the workload from the pad holder to the puncher/student.

If you’re looking for a round shield that caters to all your & pad holding needs,
The Mexican Fuerte Round Shield is a must-have for serious boxing trainers!


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