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Mexican ‘Fuerte’ Leather Boxing Bag 5ft – Empty

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  • Eliminate waste by recycling your old bag fill into our new & sustainable boxing bag casings
  • Designed to be easily filled & refilled over time with the unique, easy-access, patent-pending REFILL LID
  • 5ft length
  • Feature multiple target points for accuracy training & skill development
  • Designed for the home or gym
  • Heavy-duty chain & swivel included

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Why Choose?

A boxing bag to suit your home or gyms old school, vintage feel!

If you’ve been searching for a boxing bag made from quality leather and is purposefully designed for boxing & kicking training.

You cannot go past the Mexican Leather 5ft Boxing Bag.

Filling this boxing bag up with either lighter/firmer materials will give the user beautifully smooth feedback due to its quality leather casing construction.

This bag also comes with multiple target points to allow the user to practice techniques which need precision accuracy.

No school like the old school

A boxing bag for the connoisseur.

Over many months this full leather bag will soften up from repeated sessions giving the user a fantastic experience after every punch or kick.

A unique feature to this boxing bag is also its added target points giving users the perfect place to set up techniques that need to be accurate and precise!


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Punching Bag Training

This product is ideal for punching bag training.

Precision Mexican Boxing series

NEW to Punch® in 2017.

Tested on Humans®

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