Mexican Fuerte™ Elite Micro Focus Mitts

  • Built for professional boxing coaches & fight trainers
  • Engineered for lighting fast, precision combinations at long & short ranges
  • Cuban style boxing pads, designed for accuracy & boxing within short/grappling range
  • Made with brushed, premium matte black cowhide leather
  • Double-stitched & open finger slots for ventilation
  • Easy-grip generously sized palm control ball for greater pad control

$85.00 USD

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Why Choose The Mexican Fuerte Elite Micro Focus Pads?

Elite boxing pads created for Elite boxers,
The Mexican Fuerte Elite Micro Focus Pads are the smallest pad in the Punch Equipment range.

Built with a stunning target curvature & sleek brushed, Matte black leather,
These pads provide cracking feedback for both the boxer & trainer.

Their deep angle makes them a breeze to hold tightly & a thrill to catch punches with their sleek injected mould padding.

With a smaller target face, the room for error becomes much smaller & the sensation of hitting a perfect punch, that much sweeter!

Cuban Style!

When slipping, weaving, ducking & other fast elements of boxing become pivotal in your pad work routine,
It’s important to utilize a boxing pad that is weightless & doesn’t get in the way of its bulk.

That’s where the Elites come into play!

With their natural curve & slim target shaping,
Punching, guarding. parrying, footwork & more can be intertwined into your combinations with ease.

If you need your boxing accuracy to become precision perfect,
Ensure your trainer has a set of Mexican Fuerte Elite Micro Focus Pads.