Mexican Fuerte™ Boxing Bag Mitts

  • Limited Edition Collectors Box Included
  • A proven, authentic & professionally designed Mexican style bag mitt ( 7oz )
  • Tested for boxing bag & focus pads training
  • Developed for minimal restriction & excellent punching feedback
  • Full cowhide leather casing & premium latex 30mm knuckle padding for added shock absorbency
  • Red trindle inner linings for maximum hand comfort & a stretch 2-inch elastic tab for a fantastic wrist fit
  • Open thumb compartment for enhanced quick drying
  • Adult Hand Size - Large

$69.99 USD

Mexican Boxing Bag Mitts Green Front

Pair With Your Sparring Gloves

Designed for those “who can tell the difference”, the Mexican ‘Fuerte’ Bag Mitts are intended as a perfect pair to your Mexican Fuerte Sparring Gloves.

These quality bag mitts are primarily designed for boxing bag and focus pad training to provide direct feedback to your power punching and the correct placement of your strikes.

This stunning, lightweight boxing mitt packs a serious punch with its hand-crafted, 3cm latex rubber padding and beautiful leather casing construction.

Longer Life Expectancy

These professional bag mitts will give your Mexican sparring gloves a much longer life expectancy through selecting & utilising these bag mitts for focus pad & boxing bag work.
Doing this will keep your sparring gloves dry & in tip-top shape for any gruelling sparring sessions.
Don’t forget, wet sparring gloves can weigh up to 20ounces!
Any professional will know not to give away that kind of advantage in the ring!

Inside Mexican Bag Mitt
Punching Bag Training

This product is ideal for punching bag training.

Precision Mexican Boxing series

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Tested on Humans®

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