Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves (16 oz)

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  • 'Mexican Style Glove' shaping with satin plush lining for a seriously comfortable hand fit
  • Developed for professional sparring and boxing connoisseurs
  • Built with low profile palm pillowing & 3 Tonne Injected Mould padding for true punching power
  • Channelled Hook & Loop wrist closure for a streamlined and secure fit
  • Purposely balanced Gloves for improved striking speed, impact and feedback


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Addon - Mexican Fuerte Pro Boxing Headgear
Mexican Fuerte Pro Boxing Headgear

Mexican Boxing Gloves

The Mexican Boxing Gloves are a premium pair of Punch Equipment boxing gloves.
These boxing gloves are primarily designed for sparring, however they can be used for pad work and bag training.
This stunning boxing glove packs a punch and will improve your punching power in training and competition.

Best features

  • Handmade Mexican precision hand fit.
  • Individually hand tested & certified factory fitting.
  • Attached Thumb Padding.
  • Perfectly balanced padding for true hitting power.
  • Plush Wicking Linings.
  • Genuine Full Leather Wrist Wrap With Solid Hook and Loop.
  • Material – Extra Thick Garment Cowhide Leather.
  • Colours – Black / Blue / Red / White / Yellow.
  • True weight boxing gloves.


The Mexican ‘Fuerte’ Boxing Glove provides an excellent fit for your hand.
It’s also designed with a full hook and loop wrist wrap which further protects your wrist from injury.

Don’t forget to match your new boxing gloves with a pair of Mexican 5m hand wraps!

15 reviews for Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves (16 oz)

  1. Luke Woods

    Luke absolutely loves his new gloves and has been punishing them on bags, pads and sparring. Just to see how they would cope. He’s amazed. Never thought he would ever wear 16oz spending last 12 years sparring in 12oz and 10oz on bags but their balanced weighting and fist forming comfort makes his hands feel great and no soreness.

  2. Lisa Garton

    This glove is amazing! The comfort is exceptional; very soft and secure while moulding to your hand. The wrist and hand protection is superb and durability is unquestionable. I have no fear of injuring myself thanks to the support it provides. As cliché as it is, this glove truly upholds the old saying “fits like a glove”.

  3. Darren Freiberg

    The Mexican Glove is a Great Boxing Glove. Purpose built for Sparring they Feel fantastic on your hands, look good and provide great protection. Good value for money. Best Glove to Spar in!!!

  4. vanilla_hollywood

    Great gloves, been punching people in the face with them for a couple of weeks now

  5. bravehearts_boxing

    Just picked up a pair for sparring. Feel great to wear around the hand and wrist. Love em

  6. Jay

    Great new gloves for sparring. Fits the hand perfect, which helps prevent injury’s. They’re a hit at our club and great value for money. Go grab a pair if you’re serious about your training.

  7. Roy Brens

    These are by far the best 16Oz gloves I’ve sparred in. They fit perfectly, love the shape, texture and they feel great to hit in! Definitely a winner with this product guys!

  8. Indigo boyd

    Top range glove for sparring, amazing wrist support. All round comfy glove, highly recommend.

    Pros: Great fit, not too tight not too lose.

    Best user for: Sparring.

  9. Tasa

    I have been training with the Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves and loving them. I have a bag wrist and find these gloves give amazing support. Highly recommend.

    Pros: Fantastic support, without the extra bulk of other gloves give

    Cons: Doesn’t come in pink.

    Best user for: Sparring and general training

  10. luke woods

    These gloves are by far the best boxing glove I’ve used, very comfortable, protects your hands particularly on heavy bags. Longest lasting gloves with great padding. Highly recommend to anyone looking for best gloves

  11. Jackson woods

    Got a pair of these recently and they are the best gloves I’ve used, good for sparring, bags and pads 👍🏼

    Best user for: Sparring and heavy bag

  12. paul_delprete

    Great gloves – light weight and moulds beautifully to your hand. You certainly don’t realise they are a 16oz gloves whilst using them.

    Would highly recommend.

  13. Uzair Khan

    After using it in sparring sessions.

    Pros: Comfy ,attractive, nice padding, thumb protection.

    Cons: Would be nice if valcro is more thick and firm like cleto ryes gloves.

    Best user for: I bought these gloves for sparring only and they are fantastic gloves. Got in white colour they are very attractive. With other gloves i would worry about hurting my fingers (as happened to me in shi**y hayabusa gloves) and would hesitate while throwing bigger shots . But with these gloves i go as hard as i want and i dont feel my knuckle and fingers.

  14. Gino Vallelonga

    Very well priced for the quality of glove! Love the extra wrist support and the fit is spot on. This glove also allows for tight hand closure when punching. A top notch glove!! 5 stars!!!

  15. Exagym

    Was convinced to get these after being hit with a pair! Training partner definitely feels the sting! Super comfy and don’t even feel like a 16oz when they are on! Love the yellow!!!

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AAA Punch® Equipment

Professional commercial grade authentic pre test models for heavy duty gymnasium/ commercial applications. 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, excludes normal wear and tear.

Attached thumbs

Gloves are designed with attached thumbs for extra safety.

For Sparring

Can be used for sparring opponents.

Full Wrist Wrap

These gloves are designed with a full hook and loop closure for your protection.

Precision Mexican Boxing series

NEW to Punch® in 2017.

True to Weight

Product is made to be at least the stated weight & true. International length of glove.

Tested on Humans®

Pre-test slogan of Punch® Equipment, since 1989. Registered trade mark slogan used under licence.