Mesh Duffle Gear Bag 3ft


  • Comfortably carries up to approx. 12 sets of Boxing Gloves or Focus Pads
  • Dual drawstring shoulder/carry straps
  • Breathable mesh
  • Easily stored upright when full

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Why Choose the 3ft Mesh Duffle Bag?

The 3ft Mesh Duffle Bag is a fantastic entry level Gear bag for your Boxing Equipment transport & storage needs.

This Duffle Bag is a great choice for the Small Group Boxing Instructor, Sports Teacher or Personal Trainer.

The Mesh Duffle Bag comes with dual drawstring shoulder straps making opening/closing, carrying and storing your equipment a breeze.

As this Duffle Bag consists mainly of breathable mesh, you can confidently leave your gear inside this bag in a well-ventilated area without worrying about moisture or sweat buildup.

This option can carry up to 5 sets of Boxing Gloves & Focus Pads comfortably.

For those on a smaller budget to transport their light boxing equipment to and from any venue, this bag is for you!

Best Features

  • Sack Design
  • Carry 4 sets of Gloves & Pads comfortably
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Lightweight
  • Dual Draw String Straps
  • Stands on its own when full.


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