Intensity Heavy Weighted Thai Skipping Rope

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  • 9ft Rope Length
  • Solid Timber Handles
  • 10mm Ball Bearing Construction
  • Heavy Duty Thick Rope for added challenge of endurance
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Why choose?

The “Intensity” Heavy Weighted Thai Skipping Rope from Punch Equipment gives the user added fun and challenging elements to their skipping & fitness workouts.
This skipping rope provides a higher level of challenge to your typical skipping rope workout in order to assist you in improving your upper body endurance, burn those extra calories, increase muscle tone, improve hand-eye co-ordination, footwork & more.
Whether your a fighter, athlete or simply looking to add another element to your training regime, this Heavy Skipping Rope will take your skipping workouts to the next level.

Best Features

  • 9ft Rope Length
  • Solid Timber Handles
  • 10mm Ball Bearing Construction
  • Heavy Duty Thick Rope for added challenge of endurance

6 reviews for Intensity Heavy Weighted Thai Skipping Rope

  1. Darren Freiberg

    A nice Heavy Rope for that extra workout while warming up. Comfortable Handles, easy to use and a Great workout. Definitely a Thai Fighters Best friend!!!

  2. Robert Liberty

    I am now getting the craziest most amazing work out of my life thanks to punch equipment and this heavy weighted jump rope the looks of this jump rope in the picture or extremely deceiving it doesn’t look as big as it is when you actually get it the thick rope is extremely intimidating and when you start jumping it saps energy out of you right away turning you into a lean mean fighting machine you got to really really be in shape when it comes to using this jump rope and if you’re not don’t worry this will get you there many many many thanks to punch equipment signed Yours Truly mr. Robert Liberty

  3. Jim O’DONNELL

    Big bubba of the skipping rope industry. This bad boy really separates the boys from the men!! If you are wanting a nice heavy rope to smash yourself with, then this is for you. Warning!! Not for the faint hearted.

  4. Koa

    Very sturdy skipping rope. Good workout.

    Pros: Durable

    Best user for: Full body warmup or workout

  5. Parker Boles (verified owner)

    Solid rope but handles fell apart quickly

    Pros: Heavy weight, well balanced. The rope itself is thick and durable. I’d recommend hanging on something overnight to work out the initial kinks and coiling.

    Cons: Handles weren’t secure and fell apart after 3-4 days usage (2,000 jumps a day). Had to superglue the screws in and tape over them to keep the handles in tact.

  6. Rooney

    Poor quality of my new rope.

    Pros: Previously I have had this skipping rope and it lasted me years before it was eventually worn down and broke. It was a great rope.

    Cons: Upon receiving my new rope, it broke within the first ten minutes of my skip. The rope was weak and snapped. The quality of this product is not up to scratch.

Boxing Workouts

This product is ideal for boxing workouts and combinations.

Cardio workouts

Ideal for cardio and muscle workouts.

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