Fuerte™ Floor To Ceiling Butterfly Ball™ Kit

  • Micro, squishy foam, leather ball ( 2.7" diameter )
  • No inflation required!
  • Instantly adjustable ball height to suit kids & adults
  • Almost SILENT boxing tool, perfect for use in the home or apartment door jams
  • Engineered for power punching & combination accuracy
  • Built with a 9 foot, heavy-duty elastic cord, allowing use in areas with shorter/taller ceilings
  • Bundled with a mini floor anchor, eliminating hard labor & floor installation
  • Includes 3, adjustable squeeze tabs for optimum bag tension
  • NOTE: Mini floor anchor included ( Filling for anchor not included )

$59.99 USD

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WHY CHOOSE THE Fuerte™ Floor To Ceiling Butterfly Ball™ Kit?

The Fuerte™ Floor To Ceiling Butterfly Ball™ Kit is a premium, precision boxing tool for amateur, professional & general users alike.

The micro (2.7″ diameter) kit includes a premium cowhide, leather, HD foam target ball, gifting the user with solid feedback & essential rhythm for delivering powerful targeted combinations.

This exciting boxing tool is engineered with a 9 foot, SUPER stretchy, heavy-duty, elastic strap to suit more ceiling heights, ( Up to approx. 11.5 feet from the floor. )

3 adjustable squeeze tabs were added to create the perfect bag tension.

With the addition of an instantly adjustable ball thanks to the Punchslip™ technology allowing you to simply slide the ball up and down during training with no tools, buckles or tabs required.


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