Floor to Ceiling Ball Straps

  • Designed to suit all models of Punch Equipment Floor To Ceiling Balls
  • Engineered with quality, stretchable rubber to provide smooth, floor to ceiling ball swing & feedback.
  • High tension straps
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Includes 2 high-grade straps, 1 is adjustable

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Why choose the Floor to Ceiling Straps?

The Floor to Ceiling Straps is a cost-effective solution to replacing consumable parts of your Punch Equipment Floor to Ceiling Ball.
Floor to ceiling ball straps can slowly diminish over time from a variety of circumstances such as excessive stretching or over tightening of straps, excessive sunlight exposure or simply from being an old strap.
Punch Equipment®’s floor to ceiling straps gives you a cost-effective solution to replacing these essential parts of your floor to ceiling ball!

  • Includes two straps and one adjustable pull-down strap
  • Exact straps used in all of Punch Equipment Floor to Ceiling Balls
  • Quick and easy swap over
  • High grade adjustable straps


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Floor To Ceiling Ball Straps Size Chart

This sizing chart is an approximate guide only, individual needs may vary
SizeSuitable For
One Size OnlyAll Punch Floor To Ceiling Balls & Slip Balls