Floor to Ceiling Ball Anchor

  • No installation required
  • Ripstop weather-resistant casing suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Simply fill with sand, weights, pebbles, etc. to fill
  • Easy zipper opening
  • Steel D-Loop attachment
  • Can fill up to approx 25kgs
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The Floor to Ceiling Ball Anchor is designed for all of our Floor to Ceiling Balls.

This product will allow you to keep labour to a minimum when installing your floor to ceiling ball!

Simply fill the Anchor with sand (Small Sand Bags are recommended) and attach your floor strap to the Anchor.

Max Weight Applied: Approximately 30-33lbs when full of dry sand.

2 reviews for Floor to Ceiling Ball Anchor

  1. Barry Sproston

    Does the job

  2. Tommy Dinh

    Not much to complain about with this anchor bag for floor to ceiling balls. There is a lot of room to store weights in, I actually use 2x 10kg old dumbbells in them which fit perfectly, and the zip is easy to close. They can get quite dirty if you leave them sheltered outside, like I do, just need to give them a wipe every so often, which is easy due to the smooth material. Does the job, and easy to set up; would recommend for anchoring almost anything.

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Anchor Size Chart

This sizing chart is an approximate guide only, individual needs may vary
SizeSuitable to anchor
One Size OnlyBoxing Bags & Floor To Ceiling Balls