Floor to Ceiling Ball Bladder AAA

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Why choose the Replaceable AAA Floor To Ceiling Bladder?

Is your Floor to Ceiling Ball a little tired!?! Not a problem!

All bladders in the Punch Equipment range are replaceable.

The Replaceable AAA Floor to Ceiling Ball Bladder is made for the AAA Floor to Ceiling Ball!

Installation Instructions:

Ensure to lubricate your pump needles prior to inflation.

Do not over-inflate, ensure the ball feels firm and not solid as a rock.

Changes in temperature and regular usage will require the bladder to be regularly topped up.

Perishable, High Wear & Tear Product: Bladders are not covered under warranty.

1 review for Floor to Ceiling Ball Bladder AAA

  1. Jim O’DONNELL

    Great quality bladders, easy to install, trim the inlet to desired length. Easy to replace old bladders.