Urban Home Gym Boxing Bag 5ft – Empty

$169.99 $135.99 USD

  • Designed to be easily filled & refilled over time
  • Features the unique, easy-access, patent-pending REFILL LID
  • A great workout aid for improving boxing skills and techniques
  • Includes straps & tie-down hook
  • Ideal for boxing and kickboxing
  • Urban range boxing bag
  • Black / Blue
  • Black / Red

Why Choose?

The Empty Urban Home Gym Boxing Bag 5ft is a great Boxing Bag for Boxing & Kickboxing use at home and the gym.
Made from Ripstop Material, this bag casing is built for longevity.
The 5ft Urban Boxing Bag model is ideal for most Boxing & Kickboxing workouts.
This Boxing Bag is made for moderate Boxing & Kickboxing techniques.
This fantastic boxing bag is also equipped with the Patent-pending, hook & loop refill lid allowing for easy top-ups of bag fill when required.

Get your soft bag fill here!

Punch Equipment also produces soft rag fill to help you fill the base, inner or top of your boxing bags!


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