Cobra Gel Boxing Mouth Guard

  • Gel-lined for a secure & comfortable fit
  • 2 sizes to fit older youths to adults
  • Designed for use in sports training, sparring & ring fighting
  • Protective case included
  • Boil & self-fit design – no dentist required

$14.99 USD

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Why choose the COBRA Gel Mouth Guard?

Don’t get STUNG on price!
The Punch COBRA Gel Mouth Guard provides an unbeatable price point in entry-level Gel mouth guards,
Gel Mouth Guards provide a higher level of protection in comparison to standard plastic, boil and fit mouth guards.
The Punch COBRA Gel Mouth Guard delivers necessary mouth protection and comfort with its gel lined construction,
This mouth guard is built to provide a comfortable fit around your teeth to lower the risk of upper & lower mouth injuries.
This mouthguard comes with easy to read instructions and a protective case.
Simply boil, mould to your preference and start training!