Punch® Coach Boxing Sticks

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  • Improve your footwork, evasion & guarding and more.
  • Learn to hit and not get hit!
  • A fantastic alternative to focus mitts!
  • Develop a higher level of striking accuracy!
  • Foam-lined battens for added protection when being struck or striking.
  • Thick wrist lanyard on each stick to keep them from leaving your arms!

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Boxing Foam Sticks

Boxing sticks are a viable alternative to traditional focus pads providing great accuracy and agility training whilst removing most of the impact associated with normal pad holding.

As professional Pad holder, we all suffer from fatigue and niggling injuries from holding pads day in and day out.

They come as a rigid foam covered pair with hand lanyards for extra security.

For the puncher, the impact on the coach sticks is very snappy and satisfying.

The key is to time each punch with the stick – this skill is easily attained after a few minutes of use.

It’s important to note a pool noodle is too floppy to keep up with the movement of these sticks.

To mix your training up and offer something very different to your clients, choose the Boxing Foam Sticks by Punch Equipment.

Best Features:

  • Foam lined battens
  • Hand lanyard on each stick

4 reviews for Punch® Coach Boxing Sticks

  1. Darren Freiberg

    Fantastic Unique Design. Never ever seen anything like them before in my 25 yrs of Martial Arts. These are Great!!! Not only do they look Professional , they are a Top Quality well thought out Design, easy to use!!! Great for the trainer that has shoulder problems from big hit doing padwork. Throw the pool noodle away, These Coach Sticks are the go!!!!!!

  2. Nicolaas Van Der Zee

    Wow wow wow
    These coach sticks are just fantastic, I thought that they would take a bit of getting use to but after just a couple of minutes use they felt like my next best friend ?I use them for my fighters training for speed and accuracy and they are that good, I have noticed a marked improvement in my fighters. I would highly recommend these for any pad holder or trainer / coach.
    Mang gon Thai Boxing.

  3. Samantha

    Excellent investment for any coach or trainer, great to work speed and range

  4. Billy Williams

    Thank you for a quick delivery. The coaching Sticks are amazing I can even train with my wife. They are light weight and dosen’t take up much room and you can take them anywhere.

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