Trophy Getters® Commercial Boxing Gloves

  • Punch Equipment's flagship boxing gloves for the past 20+ years!
  • Commercial grade Leather boxing gloves with reinforced Punchtex palms
  • The perfect all-rounder, true-weight glove
  • Developed for all elements of boxing training, bag work, pad/mitts and sparring
  • Built for comfort, durability and protection
  • 3 tonne, injected mould padding for phenomenal hand protection
(116 customer reviews)

$119.90 USD

Browse the range of boxing gloves online at Punch Equipment® USA. Wide selection available and we ship directly from Australia.

Best Selling Boxing Gloves

The Trophy Getters® Boxing Gloves is the mainstay of the Punch Equipment® and has been in the range for over 20 years.
They’re best known around Australia for their ability to be used as THE all-rounder boxing glove.
Where other gloves only cater to one type of training, the Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves are designed for ALL types of boxing training.

Boxing for Fitness

According to Harvard Health Publishing, boxing for fitness comes with a number of key benefits, such as improving balance and posture, it strengthens your upper body muscles, improves overall endurance, enhances mood and can help with hand-eye coordination.

Best Features:

  • Commercial AAA Punch® Equipment Rated
  • Attached Thumbs For Extra Protection
  • Deluxe Padded Palms For Added Comfort
  • Full Hook and Loop Wrist Wrap
  • Punchtex™ Material For Quality Sweat Resistance & Durability
  • True to Weight Boxing Glove
  • Tested on Humans® Since 1989

Ideal for:

  • Pad / Mitt Work
  • Bag Training
  • Sparring
  • Fitness Classes
  • Fitness Boxing
  • Much More!


Available in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz.


Available in black, blue, pink/black, red, green, purple and yellow.
(Colours may vary in some weight categories)

116 reviews for Trophy Getters® Commercial Boxing Gloves

  1. Michael Everton

    delivered 2 days from my order, now thats service!

  2. Brett Jeffery

    I am currently using an old pair of Trophy Getters® that I have used six days a week for the last 2 years. They are only now showing signs of their age! I don’t look after my gear at all and a lot of the time my gloves go in the back of my ute and sit in the rain over night! I don’t air them out, and I don’t dry them. They may smell because of my laziness but I can’t seem to kill them no matter how hard I try. I have been recommended to try different styles of gloves over the years but why fix it , if it doesn’t break?!

  3. Rebecca

    Loving these trophy getters. Supportive, firm, durable and easy to care for.
    Have used 3 pairs with thumpa mits up to 4 times daily, 5 days a week fir 2 years. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy these again!

  4. Andrew Deegan

    Comfortable and effective. I would recommend these to a frien

  5. Will Nolan

    high grade quality very good product

  6. Ash Quinn

    Love em, especially the black w/ pink!

  7. Graham Johnston

    I personally use the red 16oz’s for everything, pads, bags and sparring.

    Still good as gold almost years down the track.

    Definitely wanna try the armadillos next.

  8. Darren Freiberg

    Gloves were a very firm fit straight out of the bag but only had to wear them twice and they moulded to my hands. Great All Round Glove, good for bagwork, padwork and sparring. Really Good Value for Money.

  9. Lisa Garton

    I love this glove! I have very small hands/wrists so definitely appreciate a glove that provides adequate protection with maximum comfort. These gloves are a nice firm fit that mould gradually to your hand. A great quality all round glove!

  10. bblismore

    We have a few pairs in our Studio the clients use, & we have retailed 3 pairs as well.
    Simply because your confident in the quality of the Glove, you know they’ll get great usage from them, they’ll feel great, give solid support ….. & last for ages.

  11. Billy Coulter

    These gloves look awesome, I’ve got the yellow black and white trophy getters. Amazing wrist and knuckle support, I would recommend these gloves to anyone.

  12. D Moulder

    Can absolutely smash pads with these without the pain of support in the knuckles or wrist.
    Great overall training boxing glove

  13. Mark Peacock

    I have had my Trophy Getters for nearly a year now and use them twice a week and I have never been so happy with a pair of gloves not only are they really comfy but they still look brand new WINNING!

  14. Skylah hamill

    Awesome gloves extremely comfortable and light to use,great fit.I use mine every day for up to 3hrs highly recommend them best gloves ive owned

  15. Zac

    Highly recommend these gloves. Great wrist support, plenty of padding on the knuckles and last an age. Thanks to the guys at punch for the quality gear.

  16. Brett Jacobsen

    The best seller at my gym. Cool colour options but also just a good solid glove

  17. Karina Groth

    Great range of colour options and excellent upgrade from the Urban Boxing Gloves. Last well for hard hitters and looks great too! Thanks Karina at Punch Love Women’s Fitness

  18. Tracy Dawson

    I tried these today for the first time at my gym which supplied them for me to try out. 12oz green and white gloves. Awesome – snug fit and my wrists felt very supported in them. Will be buying my own pair. Well impressed with these gloves.

  19. Exagym

    Use these gloves for bag work 3 times a week for over 2 years and still going strong. Couldn’t fault them!

  20. donna.robinson034

    Great service and yet to use my new gloves but love them. Good quality.

  21. Jason Lee

    Great affordable go to gloves, if u are looking for quality & comfort these are the ones. Awesome for people just starting off, all the way up to professional fighters?

  22. gunsatdawnfitness

    These bad boys can take a beating & still look the part. Great fit & wrist support.

  23. Luke Arnold

    Bought my 16oz Trophy Getters recently and couldn’t be happier with them. They are nice fitting and comfortable glove. Great quality product. Thanks guys.

  24. brodiedawson94

    Awesome gloves! Love wearing these bad boys,
    And postage was fast as always

  25. Sarah S

    These gloves are AMAZING! I feel like I’m wearing pillows on my fists. So comfortable, so sturdy. Couldn’t be happier!

  26. Paul

    Love these gloves so durable.

  27. John Paisley

    Great all rounder gloves.


    Great glove, padded well for great support.

  29. Angela Tunchon

    The Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves are the best Gloves I have used and promoted to my clients. They offer a firm fit and a solid hit with the bonus of comfort. Excellent product with a great range of colours.

  30. Carol Earl

    A great all rounder with a reasonable price

  31. Geovana Peres

    I have Two Trophy Getters gloves a 12oz and 18oz.
    I use the 12oz for my bag work. They are awesome, super comfortable, fit very well, don’t break easily even with all sweat. The 18oz I use for my skills and sparring. They are perfect. Very good size and good weight. Those gloves are of super quality and I strongly recommend them for any level of boxing skills. I use mine ones every single day for consecutive hours and they are impeccable.

  32. Rian Rees

    I have used many brands of gloves based primarily on brands(twins, yokkao, RDX) because there was no quality gloves that i liked from our local suppliers here in New Zealand.

    Until i tried the trophy getters. Comfortable, safe with good wrist support and very swag-like. I own 3 pairs of Trophy Getters 2x 12oz and 1x 14oz and have sold many to my gym members and will continue to do so as i fully rate them 100%

  33. Ash Sparkes

    I love these gloves to death, I have used them for over the last 4 years and they have protected me in every aspect of my Muay Thai training.
    They look great, feel awesome and come in some fantastic sizes & colours, highly recommend 12oz for Pads & Bag work | 16oz for sparring!

  34. Kylie Stringer

    The most amazing glove with great padding ?

    Pros: Great padding and comfy able to wear

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Sparring and boxing boot camps

  35. Ethan Tirant 2 time Amatuer Jnr Aust Champion

    I’ve used these gloves for going on 5 years and still use the same pair of 12oz for sparring at our club. I have 10oz for bag work and couldn’t be happier. Never have hand issues from repetitive work.

    Pros: Good grip in hand when making fist. Comfortable. Long life. Well made

    Best user for: Sparring and bag work

  36. terri.g

    Have just started getting into boxing this year and initially bought a cheap $40 pair of gloves from Rebel. Just bought a 12 oz & 16oz pair of these and the quality doesn’t even compare! Good padding and just all round great quality gloves! Can’t wait to put them to good use!

  37. Jess


    Pros: Supportive of the wrist

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Training or sparring

  38. Sally

    Awesome product! This is the second pair I’ve purchased as I love my first! Comfortable fit, tough, durable- great all round

    Pros: Comfortable, tough, durable

    Cons: None that I’ve found

    Best user for: I use them regularly for heavy sparring, heavy bag work and pad work

  39. Karl Roeger

    Very happy with them, good for pads or sparring

    Pros: good wrist support and padding

    Cons: Non

    Best user for: Pad work, sparring,

  40. Paul Del Prete

    Good quality glove providing excellent support and protection, and extremely comfortable to wear. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone wishing to purchase a good pair of boxing gloves at a reasonable cost.

    Pros: Comfortable Light great level of support East to maintain

    Cons: N/A

    Best user for: Pad work and light sparring

  41. TK Elite Boxing

    Highly Recommend these gloves for style comfort and performance.

  42. Cameron North

    Great all round glove, best seller in the sports store I work at and I also use these gloves myself.

    Pros: They tend to outlast a lot of other brands if you're someone who boxers a lot.

    Best user for: Pad, heavy bag and sparring

  43. Jordan

    By far the best gloves I’ve used, extremely durable, great wrist support and provide tremendous comfort! I won’t go to any other brand.

    Cons: N/A

    Best user for: Pad and glove work. Light sparring.

  44. Jim O’DONNELL

    Punch Equipment you have done it again!!! These are by far one if not the best glove I’ve used to date, great all round glove, great range in weight. The 12oz glove is ideal for bootcamps and general fitness classes. Why would you look at any other brand!! Love the fact that they’re tested on humans…

  45. Carlin

    I use the 10oz glove for pads and bags find them very supportive and give a solid feel.
    Only wish they would last longer.

    Pros: Extremely comfortable and supportive

    Cons: Only get 3 to 4 months out of a set before I split the foam in half in the left And blow the foam out the stitching at wrist on the right.

    Best user for: Heavy bag and pads.

  46. SkyBox

    By far the best pair of boxing gloves to own!! We recommend these to all of our boxers, and wear them ourselves. Superior comfort, long lasting and durable – not to mention affordable. Cant go wrong with these gloves!

  47. J Black

    Love these gloves!
    Use them for muay thai training & sparring for almost 2 years, still hardly any damage done and they feel amazing!

  48. Denis Giakoumelos

    Professional boxing gloves, good for ring work, good for fighting, all round top gloves.

  49. vicpark_

    Awesome Gloves. Highly recommend punch gloves.
    Great service!

  50. timlangridge

    Use trophy geters for 3x boxing classes per day, 20 different clients at a time, and they hold up really well, barely a crack on them. All my clients love them over the previous brand we used.

  51. S Price

    I got a pair of these for bag work and a pair of mexicans for sparring, good gloves and pricing.

    Pros: Well made gloves!

    Cons: need more colour options

    Best user for: Bag and pads

  52. Cheyanne Hunt

    Tough, durable and comfortable!

  53. Lance

    Best gloves I have used, I have arthritis in my hands, the 12 oz have so much padding I can hit a bag and not have pain in my hands.

  54. Anna Lentini

    Love these gloves for my training classes
    As a trainer I only recommend these gloves for all my clients

  55. Jun Lee

    Lots of my clients use these gloves for training, every on ehas got back to me that these gloves are good quality with great value,
    The best part about this brand is all product keep getting better & better.

    Pros: Great quality Good value

    Best user for: Muay Thai training

  56. James Richards

    This is such a versatile glove. For pads, bag, sparring there is none better. Highly recommended.

    Pros: versatile, hard wearing.

    Best user for: Muay Thai.

  57. Nick Atkins

    Best value for money glove on the market.
    Very durable and a multi purpose glove.

    Pros: Durable Value for money

    Best user for: All round training

  58. Spiros Darzanos

    After trialing many different gloves, including Punch varieties, ive found that the trophy getters are a great fit for me. I use the 16oz both for pad work and sparring.
    Solace Muay Thai owner/fighter

  59. Andy

    Amazing quality for a great price point. Definitely a favourite at our gym!

    Pros: Great price point and amazing quality! We sell them in our shop and my last pair I had for 2.5 years after a good thrashing. Definitely recommend!

    Cons: Zero

    Best user for: We use them for sparring but the lighter weights are great for bag and padwork

  60. Anna Lentini

    I only order these gloves for all my clients xxxx

  61. Anna Lentini

    These gloves last for so long and the options of colours and weight range is great

  62. Cale

    Increases punching power by 2.14%


  63. Griffin

    Very good! So comfortable and supportive

    Pros: Comfortable

  64. Adam o’neill

    Easily the best pair of gloves I’ve owned to date! Along with all the different colours to choose from. They look and feel great

    Pros: Comfy and such a good look

    Best user for: Sparring! And heavy bag work

  65. jadavis412778

    Excellent comfy glove. Great fit and they look great!

  66. Jackson

    Gloves were exactly what I was after, comfortable, functional and certainly adaptable to any type of boxing being undertaken. The gloves are also aesthetically pleasing and come in a range of colours to suit both male and female. Very happy with the product, service and purchase.

    Pros: Adaptability Aesthetics Comfort Well priced

    Best user for: Sparring Bag work Mitt work

  67. Joshua Jackson

    Great set of gloves my clients I put them all in a set of these!

  68. James Scott

    Insane value, love these gloves!

  69. Alex

    These glove feel amazing in hand with and without hand wraps. Got the 18oz gloves just for sparing but they feel amazing on the heavy bag and love having the bigger wrist strap as my hands have never felt secure in a new glove. Amazed that i haven’t had to break in these glove cant believe how good these feel.

    Pros: amazing out of the bag no break in required feels amazing on the hand

    Cons: None found yet

    Best user for: Sparring

  70. Tyler Nugent

    theses gloves are absolutely out standing could not be more satisfied with my purchase, from the moment you put these gloves on you fall in love😍 they are comfy durable and most importantly they are lightweight. I have had theses for nearly 3 months and I smash these on bag and pads and not a single scuf on them still looks new!if you need a great pair of gloves at an affordable price as I said YOU CANT GO WRONG WITH THESE.

    Pros: Lightweight, durable, comfortable l, lot of variety in colours, all round perfect glove

    Cons: Litterally nothing

    Best user for: I use these for bag and pad work but I don’t see a problem at all using these for sparring

  71. Richard

    Owned a few punch gloves, this by far is my favourite for boxing. High quality gloves, durable and provides great protection for heavy sparring, bag work and mitts. Well padded, good wrist protection and can’t fault these gloves

    Pros: - Cushion and padding for bag work and heavy sparring - variety of colours - good on the defence, large surface area to defend

    Best user for: Sparring light or heavy, bag work, mitts

  72. Sam Culgan

    As a boxing coach I am asked often what gloves I recommend. Without hesitation I suggest Punch Trophy getters as the best combination of both value and quality.

    Pros: Excellent value for money Great construction and durability Excellent fit Perfect for bag and pad work Trusted brand name with excellent support

    Best user for: Bag and pad work

  73. K

    Brand guarantee . Price is reasonable. Fast delivery

  74. Keith

    I bought a pair of 10oz for my tweenage son 4 months ago to replace his old 8oz gloves. He uses them for Muay Thai bag and mitt work, and for sparring. I also get him to help me with my defence, by getting him to try and smash me as hard and fast as he likes (and he likes, ha ha), with me only defending and clinching, and these gloves do the job of protecting both his hands (with quick wraps), and my head. He’s loved both the look and feel of them right from the start, and has only grown to love them more as he’s worn them in. His old pair were a high quality, famous Thai brand, so they’ve compared well to those, and he doesn’t miss his old ones.

    I’ve bought a heap of Punch Equipment gear, and keep on going back. Top quality, and great prices for what you get. I don’t even bother looking anywhere else now if I need any new equipment, I just have a poke around their online store, or drop into the warehouse.

  75. Ashley

    I purchased the black 16oz gloves about a month ago and couldn’t be happier. I’ve given them a solid work out in that time and they still look like I just opened the packet. The protection is great. I haven’t had any issues with my hands.

    Pros: Great value for money

    Cons: N/A

    Best user for: Great all rounder

  76. Will P

    I received a 16oz pair of these as a present 6 months ago, and I can say from heavy use they’ve held up very well. They offer great hand and wrist support, and in addition have solid padding which is awesome for blocking and catching when sparring. Honestly feel a lot more solid and well made than some other more expensive gloves I’ve used, and they didn’t take long to wear in. I’ll definitely be a punch customer from now on, as I’m really happy with these.

    Pros: Great hand and wrist support, plus supporting an aussie retailer is fantastic

    Cons: None that I can think of, great glove for a great price

    Best user for: Good all rounder, nice for sparring.

  77. Andrew Major

    I bought these a while ago they have turned out to be a solid glove. I use them for sparring and bag training a good all round glove. Delivery was on time. Plenty of colours to choose from. Good price

    Pros: Good wrist protection plenty of padding.

    Cons: N/A

    Best user for: Multi purpose all rounder

  78. Amelia Wall

    Great gloves for all round training. The padding is top notch with great wrist support. I have small hands and wrists but find that the 12 ounce gloves have been the ideal weight and size. Can’t fault them. Definitely my preferred gloves and brand.

    Pros: Fantastic padding. Best I have had. Really well made. Can’t fault them. Great to support my local business too. Thanks Punch.

    Cons: I want a pair in every colour.

    Best user for: All round boxing training. Particularly great for sparring.

  79. josh.geeves

    Has to be the best pair of gloves I’ve worn, they’re comfortable as well as good quality 🥊

  80. Mic

    Best gloves I own

    Pros: Very comfortable Affordable price Fits to my hand perfectly Thumb placement is great Velcro is great Colour ways are awesome Padding is excellent Snap On the bags is sound Great for sparring and fitness use

    Cons: Nothing they are my favourite glove

    Best user for: Boxing and Muay Thai

  81. Robert Hart

    Wonderful product, great fit, comfort and protection. I love training in these. Second pair in 3 years and they are used 4x per week. But with confidence, they won’t let you down.

    Pros: Design, cushioning and longevity. Stylish design and great Wright.

    Cons: None!

    Best user for: Bag and mitt work, training classes and heavy duty use

  82. kelvin-phung

    I would not buy online from Punch equipment. They took my money even though the order was not processed. I had to contact them to sort it out. As far as the gloves go, I have the 12oz and they fit snug with wraps(I’m 171cm & 70kg). I use them for bagwork and they have nice foam, not too stiff and not too soft. There is ample cushioning around the wrist and the wrist support feels solid. There is nice sweatproof lining inside the gloves. Would recommend to anyone looking for well designed training gloves.

    Pros: Good feeling foam Solid wrist support and cushioning Sweatproof lining

    Cons: Slight chemical smell

    Best user for: Boxing- training glove

  83. Jordana Martin

    Borrowed a pair of these from my gym to help get me through iso life. Never been into boxing before, but I love, love, loved it and loved these gloves. Had to snap me up a pair since my borrowed ones were going back.

    Pros: Comfy, great weight, good protection. They made me love boxing!

    Cons: None!

  84. John Vincent

    These 16oz were the first I bought after completing a Level 1 Punchfit course and being told that they were hand-made and durable. I used them as a PT and continued using them through amateur competition training. They lasted me for years, felt great and kept my knuckles and wrists safe.

    Would highly recommend Punch AAA grade gloves.

    Pros: Durable, comfortable, protective, great price for the high quality. The hand stitching kept is strong through everything Input them through.

    Cons: Nothing is perfect but these gloves put up with everything I put them through for a very long time.

    Best user for: Sparring and mitt work.

  85. Tiah Steinhardt

    I have tried MANY different shapes and styles of gloves. For my PT clients, for myself during bag work, pad work, sparring and fight preps – Punch Trophy Getters are the pair of gloves I will always choose to wear. On fight nights, I LOVED seeing the punch gloves laid out for the fighters as they are THE BEST gloves to fight in. Once you go PUNCH’.. HONESTLY.. You’ll never look back!”

  86. rgoostrey

    First gloves I ever got. Have tried others but have come back to these as nothing else compares. They are a great fit, feel very comfortable and are super protective for me. Highly recommend.

  87. Jo Hayes

    Absolutely love my trophy getters. I was previously using light bag mits and experiencing pain in my wrists. The improvement was instant when I swapped over to these gloves, plenty of padding & wrist support and they look awesome, great quality. I recommend these all the time and would buy again without hesitation.

    Pros: Well made product Great wrist support Perfect amount of padding Good range of colours

    Cons: literally nothing I can think of

    Best user for: I use for fitness kickboxing, pad & bag work.

  88. LG

    Such a good investment, great quality and comfortable for partner bag and mitt work. Do not retain unwanted smells or moisture if removed from bag and air fried post-workout. High quality padding and has not diminished even after boxing 4-5x/week straight from 6+ months.

    Pros: Quality, comfort

  89. Ryan


    Pros: Padding / Glove fit

    Cons: Valcro

    Best user for: Bags / Mits

  90. Filippo Gelada

    I have ordered this 18oz and received them in Central Australia after about a week. Great service. The gloves are really well made, of good quality and comfort. Exactly what I was looking to use for my training.

  91. Brett CLIVE

    Good quality glove and quick devilery

    Pros: good quality and quick devilery

    Cons: The glove is a bit tight but only because it is new and needs time to soften

    Best user for: Sparring work

  92. Nicole Maggs

    I have two pairs of Trophy Getters 12 oz they get used between 5-6 days a week. I have had them for 12 month and they are still in good shape. Velcro is still perfect and inners is peachy. Looking to get another 14 oz pair for tougher workouts

    Pros: Comfy and good protection

    Cons: none

    Best user for: Pad and Bag work

  93. Rhiannon Ray

    I love my trophy getters. I have a 12oz and 14oz have lasted the year already and still looking good. Good quality. Supportive and made well. Definitely suggest these as your next purchase.

  94. Jordan

    Super happy with the padding and comfort that the Trophy Getter glove provides. Really great all-around glove, would definitely recommend.

    Pros: Great comfort, well-fitted around the hand and good support in the wrist

    Cons: No cons

    Best user for: Bag work, pad work, sparring

  95. Blair

    Great all around gloves, pound for pound maybe the best value gloves in the world. I have several pairs in different sizes, great for everything!

    Pros: Great padding Comfortable lining Great range of sizes and colours Durable

    Best user for: All around training

  96. Michael Cooper

    I’ve always been a huge advocate of your trophy getters. I’ve trained countless hours with a pair of 10oz gloves, bag work and pads. I’ve also used the 16oz version many times for sparring and the gloves have always served me well until now. I recently bought a pair of 10oz gloves as my old ones were past their best and the new version are well below par.
    The leather on the underside of the glove is cracking, the thumb doesn’t have anywhere as near as much padding as the old version of the gloves, I can feel the leather joiner between the thumb and forefinger every time I hit the bag. And I’ve already split the foam right through from inside to outside.
    They just feel like corners have been cut and they feel cheaper than the old ones.
    Really disappointing as I love the old ones so much.
    I’ve only had the new ones a couple of months and I don’t think they will last much longer.

  97. David Powell

    Love the Trophy Getters. Loved my first pair so much I have bought another pair, just changed colours. 12Oz perfect for boxing class using bags.

    Pros: Well padded and well made. Last for years

    Cons: None noted

    Best user for: boxing classes

  98. Jason Lakomy

    The best all round boxing glove in my opinion and been promoting it for other fighters and my students for over 10 years as the best investment for quality boxing gloves. I had gone down many rabbit holes to find the most compact, best protection (for yourself) and most functional boxing gloves and it has always led me back to the Punch Trophy Getters, even the NSW state amateur competition bouts were using these gloves for official fights so they have a well earnt reputation. Highly recommended as your first and last pair of boxing gloves – Coach Lakomy

  99. Vanessa King

    Purchased these gloves in three colours and sizes and have to say that they feel pretty good. We are newbies but I dare say you couldn’t go wrong with these gloves. Get your hands on them quick.

  100. Michael

    Great gloves, comfortable and supportive. Excellent value. Great customer support.

    Pros: Comfortable, supportive, great price and customer service

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Sparring and training

  101. Katrina Webster
    Excellent gloves great protection ,durability and comfort been using PUNCH gloves for over 3 years now I am a women boxing coach and highly recommend these gloves.

    Pros: Durable, Comfortable ,affordable and provide great protection for all boxing levels .

    Cons: nothing bad to say other than more colour and pattern options would be good :)

    Best user for: Bag work

  102. Reymond Go

    Bought the 18oz as my second pair. One thing it makes me love my fuerte more, on the other hand, you get what you pay for. But at this price range and the only one that comes in 18oz size, I didn’t think too long to get a pair. Hoping to break them in soon. It will never punch like the Fuerte but it sure is durable and excellent for heavy bag work. I can see this being my go to for most of bag work routine. Great for big hands and would not recommend quick wrap as it may not provide enough protection against rubbing inside the gloves.

    Pros: Durable, feels like it will last forever
    Cons: Nothing bad except the very stiff new glove feeling (i’m comparing this to the Fuerte line)
    Best used for: Bag work all the way

  103. aeddison

    Have had a pair of trophygetters for 8 years with regular weekly use and they are still rocking with minimal wear. Absolutely fantastic gloves, so much so I have bought another pair for bag use.

  104. Suzanne Saunders

    Best gloves I’ve ever had. Fit and feel great – look great. Good value

    Pros: Durable, great protection

    Cons: None

    Best user for: I use them for Muay Thai

  105. Bobobby (verified owner)

    So I ended up buying all kinds of different gloves recently from different companies but they’re all practically brand new because once I purchased the trophy gettersThat’s all I want to use I just love the way they feel when I put them on especially with wraps once they go on my hands I feel like he man and now I truly have the power of Grey skull🤪🤪🤣🥊haha

    Pros: They feel awesome right out of the box the right kind of padding and that pro fighter feel they literally vacuum your hand right into them and it looks so darn cool and there’s such a comfort level that is off the roof or chain whatever it is

    Cons: The cons are I only bought one pair

    Best user for: Everything !I love hearing stuff with ThemI mean if I could clean the house with

  106. Hayden wright

    Great work Punch
    Outstanding quality customer service & reliable shipping. Punch gloves are a must for ever boxer / boxing enthusiasts. Keep up the great work 🥊

    Pros: Long lasting gloves that can take a pounding

    Cons: You pay for what you get if you want top Quality pat for it. Wise investment as A boxers hands are his tools of the trade.

    Best user for: My 18oz bag work / sparing My 10s pads & floor yo ceiling bag 🥊

  107. Sonya Sachse

    we use these gloves in our fitness studio for our kick boxing classes, our members love the colours and feel, the weighted gloves gives them a better workout.

    Pros: great price and good colour range, affordable and hygienic as each person has their own gloves

    Cons: sometimes out of stock and some colours not available in weight sizes

    Best user for: kick boxing bag work, fitness classes

  108. Richard Thomas

    I have been purchasing equipment from punch for 15 + years. I still have gloves, mitts and shields that are 15 years old, I have used this equipment on a daily basis in my Martial Arts Club and to this very day, they still look good as new. I have been impressed with the craftsmanship and the double stitching on most products. Well done Punch.

    Pros: Long wearing. Well constructed equipment, tend not to smell as much as other equipment, double stitched. Top quality.

    Cons: No Cons, only praise.

    Best user for: General group work.

  109. Richard Fry

    Really well made sturdy gloves. Great value for the price

    Pros: good selection of colours

    Cons: nil

    Best user for: sparring and on the bag

  110. Jason Tye

    Great gloves for my outdoor PT group sessions., clients love the feel and protection. Great quality

    Pros: Great quality , easy to put on , perfect for pad sessions

    Cons: No cons i can think of

    Best user for: Pad work and out door sessions

  111. Michael

    Such comfort, style and performance. Highly recommend.

    Pros: Great for bag work and sparring

    Cons: None I can think of

    Best user for: Anything boxing

  112. MH

    Great quality and comfortable gloves. Great for all round sparring

    Pros: Good fit & Durable

    Cons: Nothing

    Best user for: Training Sessions

  113. Lulu

    Great product! Great for punching and super cool. Enjoyed them very much and I am thinking about buying a few more pairs.

    Pros: Fun Great Good for boxing

    Best user for: Boxing

  114. Skanda

    The product is good for professional boxing

    Pros: Really very good and compact.

    Cons: Nothing to say

    Best user for: Boxing

  115. Brooke

    Great product! I personally purchased the pink and black ones and love them they are still girly without being in your face pink. They are also really comfortable especially for people with small hands. Would definitely recommend!!

    Pros: Comfortable even for people with small wrists Good for Muay Thai training sessions

    Cons: Nothing

    Best user for: Muay Thai training sessions

  116. David Swan

    The best boxing gloves I’ve ever owed. They keep their shape and last longer than other gloves.

AAA Punch® Equipment

Professional commercial grade authentic pre test models for heavy duty gymnasium/ commercial applications. 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, excludes normal wear and tear.

Attached thumbs

Gloves are designed with attached thumbs for extra safety.

Punching Bag Training

This product is ideal for punching bag training.

Deluxe padded palms

Gloves are designed with deluxe padded palms.

Full Wrist Wrap

These gloves are designed with a full hook and loop closure for your protection.

Punchtex™ material

The perfect material selected for commercial mass applications. Premium Punch material pre-tested to out-look, out-wear and out-perform conventional leather by up to 10x. Awarded a Ltd Lifetime Warranty after a decade of being “Tested on Humans”. PUNCHTEX is a registered trademark used under licence. Warranty applies only to parts made from Punchtex. Limited Lifetime Warranty against the splitting for the normal life of the product. Puncture and slash damage excluded.

True to Weight

Product is made to be at least the stated weight & true. International length of glove.

Tested on Humans®

Pre-test slogan of Punch® Equipment, since 1989. Registered trade mark slogan used under licence.