Blue Skipping Rope

  • Ideal for jump rope workouts and exercises
  • Synthetic rope with ball bearings
  • Available in 8ft size.

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Why choose the Blue Skipping Jump Rope?

The Blue Skipping Jump Rope is ideal for jump rope workouts and exercises. It’s a Synthetic rope with ball bearings.

Available in 8ft size.

1 review for Blue Skipping Rope

  1. Drew Hoar

    Just got the new blue skipping rope for my group fitness classes, all comments from clients are positive so far. I will be purchasing more of these as the old cheaper models die.

    Pros: good weight, nice length, smooth bearings, nice overall feel

    Cons: None yet, hopefully it lasts

    Best user for: anywhere

Boxing Workouts

This product is ideal for boxing workouts and combinations.

Cardio workouts

Ideal for cardio and muscle workouts.

Tested on Humans®

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Skipping Rope Size Chart

This sizing chart is an approximate guide only, individual needs may vary
Product SizeYour Height (CM)Your Height (Inches)
8 FootBelow 1.7 metres5.2-5.6
9 Foot1.7 metres and up5.6-6.2