Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Pads

  • Designed in Thailand for Muay Thai training
  • Built for professional pad holders
  • Cross mesh. injected mould padding for superlative pad durability
  • Expertly stitched and hand laced
  • Premium forearm cradles for arm comfort & pad security
  • Dual, hook and loop, locking roller back forearm straps
  • Superior Punchtex™ casings for Thai pad longevity
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Why choose the Black Diamond™ Thai Pads?

Experience the highest level of comfort from the biggest hits with the Black Diamond™ Thai Pads.

These sleek Thai Pads have been expertly handcrafted for professional Thai boxing coaches, trainers and pad holders.

Built from the superior Punchtex™ casing, their casings are purposely built to outlast the competition.

That is just one of the many features of the Black Diamond™ Thai Pads that sets them apart!

Crafted with cross fiber mesh, injected mold padding, the Black Diamond™ Thai Pads will hold their shape for round after round, after round.

Without cross mesh padding, Thai pads tend to fold over themselves, quickly!

Purpose-built for Muay Thai

The Black Diamond™ Thai Pads are designed with dual, roller back, forearm straps, comfortably locking the pad holder in place.

With additional, deluxe forearm cradles, security and comfort are turned up to 11.

These stunning Thai pads are purpose-built for all aspects of Muay Thai training,

Whether you’re just starting your pad holding journey or looking to upgrade your next pair,

These premium Thai Pads will provide you with excellent feedback, durability & comfort.

6 reviews for Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Pads

  1. Darren Freiberg

    These are a Great Set of Thai Pads. Great for Elbows, Kicks Knees and Punches. Built to cop the punishment of Pro Fighters. Great value for money. Excellent Pads for any Thai Trainer.

  2. Rian Rees

    Out of all the items i have purchased from Punch my Black Diamond Thai Pads are my favourite. Light, Great Support and gives me the much needed support around the forearm area where it helps absorb alot of the impact instead of my forearms.

    I Recommended them for the more serious trainers out there and fully rate them as one of the best thai pads on the market currently.

  3. Art _of_ Eight

    The best Thai Pads on the market! Very well designed; lightweight and extremely durable!

  4. Nick Atkins

    Great pro thai pad for the heavy round kicker,
    Very durable and comfortable to hold.

    Pros: Comfortable to hold Durable

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Holding for heavy round kicks

  5. Ash Sparkes

    The best all round thai pad in the Punch range,
    Great protection, comfort, weight & density to them.

    Pros: Dual straps Good handles Thick density Good sized pad face

    Best user for: Thai pad work

  6. Skylah Hamill

    Hands down the best Thai pads I’ve used.Great to hit and kick and so comfortable to hold.The handle is the perfect thickness and straps feel really supportive.Im ordering another set.

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Black Diamond Muay Thai specific series

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