Black Diamond™ Steel Muay Thai Groin Guard

  • Designed for superior protection against accidental groin strikes
  • Engineered to ensure minimal interference when sparring
  • Carbon fibre, mya coated steel cup for premium shock absorption
  • 2 cup sizes
  • Adjustable pull back, hook & loop closure for easy waist size adjustment

$35.50 USD

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Why choose the Black Diamond™ Steel Groin Guard?

The Black Diamond™ is the premium metal groin guard from Punch Equipment for your training & sparring needs.

This Groin Guard is built to survive round upon round of Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai & Kickboxing sparring.

As groin guards are a necessity for all combat sports, the Black Diamond™ Groin Guard is here to protect you against any accidental groin strike.

This guards super stretchy elastic waistband & incredibly adjustable, strong Hook & Loop waist closure allows for quick & easy, on/off usage and gives the user full range of movement with the compromise!

This fantastic groin guard is currently available in 2 cup and adjustable waist sizes.

Black Diamond Groin Guard Size Chart

This sizing chart is an approximate guide only, individual needs may vary
SizeWaist Size ( cm )Waist Size ( Inches )
S/M66 - 8426 - 34
L/XL74 - 9630 - 40
Lace Up74 - 9228 - 26