Black Diamond™ Headgear Jaw/Nose Protection

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  • AAA Punch Rated
  • Lace top, Hook and Loop Back & Hook and Loop Chin Adjustable Sections
  • Punchcool Plush, Sweat-Wicking Panels
  • Full Leather Exterior Casing
  • M
  • L

Why choose?

The Black Diamond™ Head Gear Jaw/Nose Protection provides ultimate protection of your jaw and nose in sparring. If you’re worried about injuries to your nose or chin, this is the best choice of headgear for your needs.

Best features

• AAA Punch Rated
• Lace top, hook and loop back
• Punchcool Plush – Sweat-wicking panels
• MATERIAL – Leather
• SIZE: M, L

2 reviews for Black Diamond™ Headgear Jaw/Nose Protection

  1. patricia


  2. Cheyanne Hunt

    Very happy with this product, much more comfortable than expected and unobstructed vision!

AAA Punch® Equipment

Professional commercial grade authentic pre test models for heavy duty gymnasium/ commercial applications. 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, excludes normal wear and tear.

Black Diamond Muay Thai specific series

For Sparring

Can be used for sparring opponents.

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