Black Diamond™ Lumpinee Muay Thai Pads

  • Purpose-built for the heaviest of hitters!
  • Designed in Thailand
  • Engineered to protect the pad holder from POWERFUL Muay Thai strikers
  • Curved Thai handlebars for a more comfortable grip
  • Slightly curved Thai pad face with crossed fiber-mesh padding for incredible longevity
  • Dual hook and loop roller back straps for a secure fit
  • Forearm cushioning for additional shock absorption and holding comfort
  • Superior Punchtex casing for unrivaled longevity

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Built to control the biggest hitters in the gym, the Black Diamond™ Lumpinee Thai Pads are here to take care of the pad holder!

These Thai Pads have been expertly crafted for absorbing heavy and powerful Muay Thai strikes.

If you’re feeling the strain when catching hard kicks, elbows, punches, or knees from your strongest students, the Lumipnee Thai Pads are made for you!

Purpose-built for heavy hitters!

Engineered with dense, durable fiber mesh padding, the Black Diamond Lumpinee Thai Pads are purpose-built for longevity.

Built with dual metal roller-back straps and deluxe forearm cushioning, you will find yourself with a highly secure forearm and wrist fit with additional comfort.

The latest model also houses precision handlebars which are slightly curved to give you the most natural and comfortable grip imaginable.

The Black Diamond™ Lumpinee Thai Pads are here to provide professional pad holders with excellent protection from the heaviest strikes!