Bag Busters® Boxing Mitts

  • Proven, commercial bag mitt for over 20 years!
  • Recommended for serious fitness boxing training & large group fitness boxing classes
  • Built with commercial grade padding and casing
  • 3 Inch wrist wrap closure for added wrist support

$39.99 USD

Why choose the Bag Buster Bag Gloves?

The Bag Buster Bag Gloves have been in the Punch Equipment® range for over 20 years and we recommend using them as punching bag gloves.

Reason for this is because it comes in various sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE or XLARGE, has a 3 inch wrist wrap which goes entirely around the wrist which gives you massive wrist support, has got commercial grade 10mm padding inside, mean hexagon material covering which has been pre-tested for the 2 year warranty and comes in multiples colours.

Highly recommend to anyone doing serious fitness training or a Personal Trainer who needs to run a fleet of gloves for business.


• AAA Rated
• Full Hook and Loop Solid Wrap Wrist
• Pre-curved regulation 3cm padding
• Handmade Delux Style
• MATERIAL – Commercial Enduro
• Pre tested for over 10 years
• SIZE: S, M, L, XL

AAA Punch® Equipment

Professional commercial grade authentic pre test models for heavy duty gymnasium/ commercial applications. 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, excludes normal wear and tear.

Commercial Enduro

Purpose built economy state of the art enduro rot resistant material. Ideal for high exposure to sweat situations.

Full Wrist Wrap

These gloves are designed with a full hook and loop closure for your protection.

Tested on Humans®

Pre-test slogan of Punch® Equipment, since 1989. Registered trade mark slogan used under licence.