AAA® Curved Thai Pads

  • Designed for beginner to professional Nak Muay!
  • Quality, roller back. single forearm strapping for easy on/off application
  • Superior Punchtex™ casing to outlast heavy usage & serious longevity
  • Engineered with a streamlined, forearm support padding system for pad holding comfort
  • Soft density impact/target surface for added shock absorption & lowering the risk of injury
  • AAA Rated - Commercial Product

$199.99 USD

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Why Choose AAA, Curved Muay Thai Pads

The AAA Curved Muay Thai Pads from Punch Equipment is built to provide exceptional protection to the striker & pad holder, providing premium shock absorption for the user’s strikes & for the pad holder’s muscles, joints & overall fatigue.

With their effective, roller back, single hook & loop forearm straps, these pads can be placed securely & taken off in seconds.

Trainers will also love their streamlined forearm support padding system which has been designed to absorb even more shock than traditional leather Thai pads from powerful elbows, punches, knees & kicks!

Kings of shock absorption

The striking surface of these lightweight, rectangular Thai pads is engineered with a bouncy mold of injected padding to ensure all levels of students can train comfortably with a lower risk of injury & providing greater shock absorption for the pad holder.

Finally, with their AAA grade, superior Punchtex™ material casing, longevity will be the last thought on your mind!

If you’re in need of commercial-grade, durable, comfortable, quality, curved Thai pads for your home, gym, club, or training studio, these Muay Thai pads are for you!