AAA Bulk Stretch Hand Wraps Pack (10 x 3m pairs)

  • 3-metre length
  • Fantastic length for smaller hands & younger boxers
  • Designed to absorb moisture
  • Made for the coach or gym owner
  • Stretchy cotton material
  • Stitched label

$84.99 USD

In stock

Why choose The AAA Bulk 3 Metre Stretch Hand Wraps Pack?

The Bulk 10 Pack of Punch 3m Stretch Hand Wraps are ideal for trainers, coaches & gyms that run mass boxing sessions.

These fantastic boxing wraps will aid in the protection & support of your hand while keeping your gloves a little drier from sweat & moisture!

With a 3m length in each wrap, younger and smaller users will find this length of wrap more accommodating to support their hands and wrists.

This pack can be purchased with 5 fantastic colour packs including black, blue, red, pink & white.

If you’re looking for boxing gloves, click this link for your next set of boxing gloves from Punch Equipment!


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