10” Punch® Urban Leather Floor to Ceiling Boxing Ball

  • Home Boxing Equipment
  • Designed for beginners boxers and general fitness boxing workouts
  • 10' inch ball for beginner boxers
  • No dangerous metal parts, dangerous rivets or zippers.
  • Includes internal, replaceable bladder and high-grade adjustable straps
  • Urban Grade Product
(8 customer reviews)

$79.99 USD

Why choose the Urban Floor to Ceiling Boxing Ball?

The Urban Floor to Ceiling Boxing Ball is ideal for beginners as it’s designed with a bigger ball for easier targeting and striking.

The Urban ball allows beginners to practice timing their punches without the worry of missing a smaller target.
This floor to ceiling ball also gives you a solid workout with the ability to help you improve your footwork, punching accuracy and body evasion.

The Urban Floor to Ceiling Ball is an ideal boxing training aid for beginner boxing and fitness training at your home.


  • Urban Range
  • Bigger ball for beginners
  • NO dangerous metal parts
  • NO dangerous rivets
  • NO zippers
  • Hige grade adjustable straps
  • Strap loop

8 reviews for 10” Punch® Urban Leather Floor to Ceiling Boxing Ball

  1. Courtney Rainbow

    We love our floor to ceiling ball, so many different ways to use it and it’s a fun addition to the gym.

  2. Mike Finn

    Excellent quality, perfect for beginners.

  3. John Zammit

    Good quality ball and elastic straps with ajustable belt. The ball is a good size for a beginner like me. Great fun to use and works uyp a sweat.

    Pros: Good quality. adjustable straps. Good sizde for a beginner

    Cons: Black and white coloured panels are annoying when it spins. Would be better if it were just one colour.

    Best user for: Eye hand coordination. Cardio workout. Just having fun.

  4. Matt Camenzuli

    Great addition with a heavy bag and was very easy to set up in my shed.

    Pros: Great endurance work out. Unlike a heavy bag you dont need much of a warm up.

    Cons: Its a little hard at the start but persistance is the key

    Best user for: Eye, hand timing and building up a rythm

  5. Matt Brunt

    Great quality, easy to use.
    If you are new to floor to ceiling balls this is a great starter.

    Pros: Good for timing and warm up

    Cons: May take a few goes to find your rhythm

    Best user for: Coordination, focus

  6. Matt

    Great product. Looks and feels professional. Feels like it will endure the punishment over time. Wanted it to help with bettering my speed and that’s what it’s done.

    Pros: Well put together product. Has the strength to endure some punishment.

    Cons: Can’t really fault it at the moment

    Best user for: Increasing hand speed and timing

  7. Michael

    Great product and underestimated for boxing training. Highly recommend this for training. It helps so much and it isn’t easy.

    Pros: Great construction and build.

    Cons: None.

    Best user for: Training, coordination and drills

  8. lui10

    One my favorites from the punch equipment, easy to set up, one of my young client loves this product. Excellent no regrets

Cardio workouts

Ideal for cardio and muscle workouts.

Punching Bag Training

This product is ideal for punching bag training.

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