Pro Thumpas® Boxing Focus Pads Review

By May 9, 2018December 28th, 2020Product Reviews

Boxing Punch Mitts Review – Pro Thumpas®

In this review, we’ll be looking at the Punch Equipment® Pro Thumpas® (Focus Pads).

What is the difference between the Pro Thumpas® and Normal Thumpas®?

So we have designed two Thumpas – The normal Thumpas® Boxing pads and the Pro version.
The major difference between the two is that the Pro has a security strap at the back. This allows trainers to lock in and load for long training sessions. Whereas the normal Thumpas pad is better for just basic training sessions where you slipping pads on and off, such as Crossfit for example.

The other major difference is the thickness of each pad. The Pro Thumpas® comes with a thicker pad, which will help you train heavy hitters and harder blows. It’s not too much heavy either as it just comes with extra padding. So the normal Thumpas® is a lightweight boxing pad and more suitable for fitness training of beginners.

Design Features:

  • AAA Rated by the team at Punch Equipment®
  • This pad is ideally designed for catching heavy punches around the Gym or for mass boxing sessions
  • It has a hand control ball inside for firm gripping, so it won’t slip around
  • The pad includes a curved face for extra catching control
  • 100% Punchtex casing for moisture wicking
  • At the back, it includes a security hook and loop lock-in strap for extra pad grip and wrist support
  • It includes 70mm thick padding around the pad