Muay Thai Gloves Review – Black Diamond Thai Gloves

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Muay Thai Gloves Review

Here’s a review on the Black Diamond flagship Boxing Gloves from Punch Equipment®.

This glove is a classic Muay Thai boxing glove with full extra thick leather construction. Thumb tag of course for security. True to weight, it’s marked here 16oz. Essentially there’s a true weights symbol with the balance scales here which means it’s guaranteed to at least weigh that.

So the Black Diamond series is designed for Muay Thai. Let’s have a look at why. The palm area is quite interesting as it’s designed with a pillow palm. It’s a medium to wide head glove so it’s not a really narrow glove, like an Armadillo, but this pillow palm gives you a nice fist.

For Muay Thai Sparring

The next thing is this is cotton filled leather tubes down here and you’ll see one on the other side in here as well. So the idea is that when you’re Muay Thai sparring you’re blocking knees or shin kicks or even elbows. This really helps the wear and tear on your forearms so ideally, you’d be checking. But you still do put your hands together to block head kicks and this wrist protection greatly extends your wrist life.

Glove features

So let’s have a look at a few features of this full leather Muay Thai glove from Punch® Equipment. It’s got the three-inch full hook and loop wrap. It has a Punchcool lining inside here for sweat-wicking capability. The rest of the lining is a heavy satin.

Hand Fit

So when you put this glove on there’s no other word for it, it simply loves your hand you put it on and the messages sent to your head “Wow this glove has wow factor”. It’s extremely comfortable and it’s basically super protective.


The idea of this glove is for Muay Thai sparring so it’s a specialist glove. It comes in 12 and 16 ounces, only one color.

Why choose?

If you want a purpose-built glove that’s great for doing general boxing, sparring and copying a fair bit or working on your wrists as you do, then it’s very hard to go past the Black Diamond series.

So this is part of our specialist sparring range of gloves. 12 and 16 ounce Black Diamond gloves from Punch Equipment®. Highly recommend them if you’re a Muay Thai specialist who’s throwing elbows, knees, punches, kicks and inspiring wishes to have a good pair of gloves that effectively blocks them as well.

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