How to put on Hand Wraps

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Learn everything about how to put on hand wraps

Learn how to put on hand wraps at Punch Equipment® USA. We’ll teach you about the importance of hand wraps, how to choose the correct types and how to professionally wrap your hands.

How to put on Hand Wraps – Expert Instructions

What’s the purpose of hand wrapping?

A hand wrap is useful for protecting knuckles, stabilising wrist, protecting your thumb, soaking up perspiration and fills out your glove.

How to choose the correct wrap

Cotton inners are for people that just want something to wear inside a glove without the added benefit of wrapping protection. Cotton inners will absorb sweat and is a cheaper alternative to hand wraps.

Gel wraps provide a cushion for the knuckles to absorb punch impact.
Mexican Hand Wraps form tightly to the hand which helps build a stronger fist. They’re usually semi-elastic and stretch to a hand.
Stretch Hand Wraps would be the most popular option for Boxing. They protect your hands and wrists from injury. As well as filling out a glove.
Strapping Tape is mainly used to tape gloves around the wrist area. Especially for lace up gloves in the ring.