Punch Equipment® at IHRSA

Come see us at IHRSA! The Punch Equipment® team is currently at the IHRSA until March 24. Come see our boxing gloves and focus pads in person. Or chat with the team about your boxing equipment needs. You might also receive a discount coupon :)
March 21, 2018

How to put on Hand Wraps

Learn everything about how to put on hand wraps Learn how to put on hand wraps at Punch Equipment® USA. We'll teach you about the importance of hand wraps, how to choose the correct types and how to professionally wrap your hands. How to put on Hand Wraps - Expert…
February 7, 2018

IHRSA Trade Show – San Diego (2018)

Join Punch Equipment at IHRSA 2018, March 21-24 in San Diego! Meet the Punch® team and discuss any business opportunities you may have. We'll have our boxing gloves, boxing pads and hand wraps available for purchase as well. Why visit IHRSA? Education - Learn new ideas for your Club with…
January 15, 2018