How to choose Punch Mitts

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Punch Mitts – Buying Guide

Today we’re going to help you choose some boxing pads. There are three main categories and we’ll review each type of pad in this blog post.

Three main categories

There are three major categories of punch mitts that you need to be aware of to make a good choice.
The first choice is just general purpose training and fitness pads.
Then you have your specialist safety pad which is designed to protect you to the maximum degree.
Then you’ve got your professional punch mitts.

General Fitness Pads

So let’s have a look at what our general fitness pad is. It is just a straightforward focus pad. It’s easy to slip on and off, so there’s no strap. The entry here is designed specifically to make it easy to get in and out but once you’re in, you’re locked in. It’s very easy for me to hold that pad and there’s no slip whatsoever. It’s got the right size control mount. So once I relax my hand, my hand just pops straight out. So this is generally chosen by the fitness market for mass class use. This Thumpas pad has a lifetime warranty on it so people really do like it when they’re investing in commercial gym gear. Now if you’re training at home just one on one and you’re doing 10 rounds each, I wouldn’t recommend this pad because this is meant for lots of people changing pads over regularly. Instead, I would buy one with a security bar.
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Pro Thumpas

This is (Pro Thumpas) the same pad as the Thumpas. It’s made as a thicker version and it’s called a Pro Thumpas. This time it’s got the big security strap. So this is more for when I want to put this pad on and then strap myself in for the ride and do a lot of pad work one-on-one with someone. So your first decision is – Do I want to slip on and off for mass class use, for a whole group of us training in a park or do I want to strap this pad on and leave it on for quite a while? Once you’ve made that choice, there’s a whole lot of pads out there you can choose from but that’s the main thing. This Pro Thumpas pad is much thicker because this is for a trainer to be strapped in and do a lot more pad work than the ones that are quick on and off. So they’re your first two choices.
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Specialist Pads

After that, you can move to a specialist pad. This one’s called a Pro PT and it’s designed to be specifically useful for personal trainers who are training beginners. When you slip your hand in, there’s a big control bar inside so my hand sits over the pad nicely. This control bar locks the back of my hand and forces against the padding. This padding then acts as a cushion for the shock. Now when you’re a personal trainer, you’re often training beginners who tend to miss the pad and punch down the pad for some reason. when they do, the padding takes the shock out of your wrist and makes it a lot more comfortable. The pad is still reasonably light so you can use it all day. It’s a little bit bigger than the other pads so that beginners find it easier to punch. But for a professional personal trainer doing lots of bag work with amateurs, I highly recommend this pad because it’s made for you.
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Professional Boxing Pads

Then after that, you move to what we call professional boxing pads. We’ve got chalk and cheese, the two pads that have a hook and loop security strap on the back of each hand. But one’s a little precision pocket rocket pad, you slip your hand in and you tighten up the hook and loop. It’s a very light pad and really popular with boxing coaches. You can do lots of boxing and evasion work with this tirelessly, high-density padding but small pad. So the boxer really gets focused on the little 10cm target. That’s one specialist little pad, not too expensive but really specialist for people who know what they’re doing and their accuracy is pretty good.
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Muay Thai Boxing Pads

Muay Thai Boxing Pads

Then you go to a classic Muay Thai professional pad, boxers use it as well, it’s about twice to three times the weight of the pocket rocket. It’s got a massive control bar inside, now I know I keep talking about a control bar when you put your fingers in the pad, it takes a lot of weight off the elbow. So a lot of people complained of a sore elbow or sore tendons in that area. Which is because their hand is flat and they’re catching it. Then the pain is being transferred refer to their elbow. Once you cup something inside the pad, that’s like a massive mound and it really takes the weight off. This pad has double stitching, it’s got a gel face, it’s got a fair bit of weight in it and it’s for power punching. It’s for people who are really strong in boxing and you’ll get knocked around using any other pad.
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So just to recap, you’ve got the slip on and slip off pads for general fitness use. when you’re changing over a lot you’d go for a pad with a security strap. If you’re in for the ride and you do three to ten rounds with someone before you change over. Then the pad you choose after that depends on what you’re trying to achieve. if you’re a personal trainer, you should use the one with the big stabilizer wrist (Pro Pts) and rollover bar to help your wrist take the shock of the amateurs missing. While if you’re a professional boxer, you use the heavy-duty pads (Black Diamond Classic Pads) for power punching and really let someone smack them home. Or you can use the little precision pads (Pocket Rocket) for lots of speed and accuracy work.

So I hope I’ve helped you make a good choice when looking to buy Punch Mitts.